Infinite Flight App crashing

Hello thanks for reading!
I have been experiencing a lot of App crashes lately, mostly on long overnight flights. 3-4 flights this week alone. My device is an IPad Pro 3rd generation.
I have tried clearing my cache, I deleted all my replays, even deleted and then downloaded IF and my game is still crashing. Any ideas how I could try to fix this from happening?
Thanks all

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Try lowering the graphics to medium or low and set aircraft count to medium. Before you begin a flight make sure to close all other tabs

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Thanks I will try it out

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Be sure to restart your device before every flight. This ensures it is running at peak performance.

Also, make sure you do not have any other applications running in the background. Infinite Flight is a graphics-heavy game, and any applications running in the background will detract from processing power.

Set everything graphics-wise (rendering quality, 3D object density, rendering resolution, texture quality) to low, turn anti-aliasing off, and set the frame rate limit to 30fps. This should help further reduce the workload on your phone. I also have multiplayer names hidden, airplane dots hidden, airplane count set to low, enable low-power mode.

If you have a case on your iPad, be sure to take it off. This will allow your device to breathe easier and not overheat.

Lastly, prop your device up near a fan or other source of cool air.

I did a 13.5-hour overnight from Doha to Sydney, and my phone stayed as cool as a cucumber the whole time.

Also, note that the iPad Pro 3rd gen is a device that is 4 years old now, so general wear and tear on the electronics within the device from everyday use can impact performance as well.

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I had the same problem. I changed the graphics to low. This resolved the problem. During my landing, game crashed. Best of luck

Definitely did not know these tips! Thank you for sharing.

If your app crashes, i tried to change my phone. ☎️📲

Same is happening to me all the time i set everything low and close all backgrounds application still game crashes.

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