Infinite Flight "Android 13" Compatible?

Hello, as you will see my phone will be updated to Android 13 and I want to know if Infinite Flight is compatible with Android 13?, because as I saw that a user has Android 13 and is not compatible Infinite Flight with Android 13, so I want to know to continue playing this wonderful simulator, if in case I can not play for compatibility I want to tell you that was a pleasure to play with you and air traffic controllers until I can change Android device because IOS I realize that crashes on landings. THANK YOU. GOOD DAY!


It’s compatible.
The user you’re referring most likely have another root cause for it to not be compatible.

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As an Android 13 user, it is fully compatible!

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Well, I am going to make cases to you, I am very grateful for your help. Have a nice day. ;)

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yes android 13 works with IF. if you experience issues it might be because of your device not necessarily the os.

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Hi, I have upgraded to Android 13.

Thanks to your help the game works excellent, the only bad thing is the annoying “Infinite Flight not responding” message. but on the servers it works fine!

Take it as a closed issue, Thanks! ;)


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