Infinite Flight and Sponsorships?

Hello yalls!

So I was doing my daily routine, browsing through topics, resdin’ comments. Then I saw a topic that got me thinking. What if Infinite Flight got some more publicity. You all know and love Sam (Wendover Productions)
and most of you know that he gets sponsored by companies you all know from his vids, like SkillShare, Brilliant, and DashLane. He does do many aviation related videos, so I was thinking a sponsorship would be perfect, an example is The Economics of Ultra Long Hauls, his most recent video. There are other Youtubers, like Captain Joe, who also have an avgeek audience sho may be in the market for a flight simulator.

So those are just my thoughts, hope to hear yours!


Dj aviation, maybe

Maybe PM staff or mods about this?

I just want to here your opinions on it.

I think this would be great. But do note, while all of us here love IF, it has a perception by the PC Flight Sim community that it rather bad. They just don’t understand the limitations of developing a mobile flight Sim, and so therefore it could turn very pear shaped, especially in the comments section with each channel having haters.

Just a side note, I personally have nothing against this, it’s just that it may not work as well as we would hope.