Infinite Flight and RFS pros and cons

First of all, I want to say that i love IF.

I tried to do the same topic as you, but mine was deleted before his publication (it was pending for 1 day and then no news about it lol)

But let’s talk about ur topic.

  • I ve been playing IF since 2017
  • I played RFS for 1 month last January 2024

My conclusion is that the development of RFS is so quick, and they have a lot of features compared to IF (weather, night flying, passengers/cabin crew announcements)

But the main difference between both of them is the experience, the simulation.

→ RFS is more a game for players you want to play a realistic airplane game without the irl procedures.

→ IF is destined for players who want a real simulation game, with all the ATC experiences…

Nevertheless I think that IF team have to do more concerning all the development aspect because they can loose the first place of the podium if they stay long as they are since the beginning of the game…

I talked a bit with the CEO of IF and some good things are coming… so we have to keep our patience as usual and we ll wait and see


I have the same feeling, but I also think that IF has an excited period coming. With what Jason said about the graphic overhaul being nearly completed (not visible of course) . A new airplane in the work.
I feel like there is a lot going on behind the scenes, and I’m looking forward to it.


Even thoough I don’t like rfs the only thing that is temting me is that rfs has Kam air A340. If IF get’s this than I wouöd definetly only play IF.

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I tried searching the IF forum vs the RFS forum for terms like:

private pilot or ppl
student pilot
flight dispatch(er)
air traffic control(ler)
gate agent
commercial pilot
instrument rating
flight instructor

IF is filled with extensive lists of entries related to people’s irl jobs, actual certifications and irl aviation experiences. For RFS I could find very few, but mostly no returned results for each search.

Anecdotally, and from my personal experience, I’ve always had the impression that IF is more realistically connected to irl aviation. The above was an effort to objectively test that assumption.

There are a lot of real-life aviation people engaged in IF, and I think that is reflected in the sim. Not that RFS doesn’t have its own type of dedicated niche audience.


My question is can IF expand there workforce obviously that would come with logistics. But it might help in the progression of the app obviously this isn’t up to me to decide it’s just a thought.

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I’ve been using RFS for quite a while now, and just a day before posting this post, I decided to purchase Infinite Flight, and I think it was worth every penny. This flight simulator has decent graphics and feels like a serious program.
RFS is like a game where you can just chill, its for more amateur pilots who want to know more about planes, but not do proper flights with ATC. There are more planes though, and it has proper lighting, which IF lacks.
Sooner or later, however, I believe that IF will get upgrades with lighting.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Get Infinite Flight. It is worth it.


There is one big difference between the two: IF is an simulator, RFS is a game, I played rfs for 342 hours now since 2021 and if you want realism, go to IF but when you want it easy and want to relax choose RFS.

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Controlling a plane is impossible in Rfs. The Aircrafts are in Infinite Flight much better. But the liverys are much better in RFS. And the Airports are better in Infinite Flight:)

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