Infinite Flight and RFS pros and cons

I play both flight simulators and I have to say they are both very good, but let’s discuss the pros and cons.

  1. Infinite flight:
    Good graphics, nice planes, good community, lots of good quality paint jobs, not so many features, very realistic, bad ground when you get close, no weather, nice ATC

  2. Rfs: Decent graphics, very nice ground, city lights, most planes aren’t that bad but not as good as in Infinite Flight, cheap, thousands of paint jobs and a lot more planes, game crashes, freezes and lots of lags, lots of features, Weather, ATC, which is not that good, in-game chat

Note: Please DO NOT judge if you haven’t tryed out both flight simulators and be respectful. Thanks!


Honestly, RFS is much better for lighting and night flight, but other than that, IF wins by a landslide


Last time I played rfs, SLC was only runways 💀


I tried rfs a couple times and can’t get the same feeling as when i fly in IF. My personal opinion is that IF is better atm but the development is really slow, while rfs is developing at a insane speed to make their game better. So who knows, maybe in a year or 2 rfs might be the better game.


Yeah, but there are more Hd airports coming.

Several similar topics have been created.

This one wil probably be closed as well.


I’ll just stick with Infinite Flight.


But why though?

fliying a plane in RFS is impossible


for me, if I’m just looking for something fun to fly and experience realistic graphics, I go to RFS. If I’m looking to actually fly a plane realistically and experience pretty much real life realism, I go to infinite flight


I’ve given RFS a shot, and I’m currently subscribed to it. However, I’ve found that it’s not quite worth my time and money. There aren’t many standout features that captivate my interest, although I did appreciate the inclusion of 3D clouds and the variety of weather options. In my view, if Infinite Flight were to incorporate these elements, there would be little incentive to explore other platforms.

For me, Infinite Flight takes the lead. It provides a platform where we can practice realistic procedures, whether it’s in terms of ATC operations or pilot experiences. Unrealistic flying, subpar flight planning tools, and inadequate ATC services are just a few areas where RFS falls short for me.

That said, preferences vary, and RFS does have its merits. It’s made significant progress quickly and may potentially surpass Infinite Flight in the future. However, at present, it hasn’t quite reached that level.


If you’re asking why other people had made the same topic, that’s because people had the same thought as you
If you are asking why it will probably be closed, that’s because other people had made the same topic


I’m sorry, but I have to say that no matter how many aircrafts, liveries and features RFS may have, it’s just poor quality compared to Infinite Flight, and I’m saying this after recently refunding my subscription, after a test flight, because I could not💀💀


Alright your opinion

The only things I like about RFS are:

  • Airbus GPWS callouts, which we will soon have in IF
  • Night flying, which will also be a thing in IF soon when the new graphic engine is implemented

And I’m not a fan of their custom made liveries as 90% of them are fake and can’t even make the most obvious detail right


Both of them are good but if you want to be a real pilot, use IF. We could say it was make for that. RFS mostly used for fun.

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I’m to broke to afford RFS

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RFS doesn’t really feel complete

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RFS looks like a fairly cheap indie project for mobile devices, infinite flight on the contrary looks like a serious project with an experienced community. Despite this, IF’s workforce is quite small, and it takes a lot of time to develop updates. At the same time, many more people are working on RFS and more and more updates are being released year after year, making the game more interesting and realistic.
I’m using Infinite flight and I’m quite happy, but there’s still a lot of work to do on this simulator to make it perfect. I remain hopeful that the infinite flight team will join the ranks of developers, and the simulator will reach new heights


I’m surprised no one has talked about the difference in physics between both too. In my experience, RFS feels more arcadey while IF definitely feels more fluid if that makes sense, the planes feel like they move more dynamically than RFS.

I also hate how when you choose for landing practice in RFS, they don’t configure you at all and you have to juggle between setting the aircraft up and trying not to crash. IF is better in that regard that you’re all set to land for the most part when you spawn in solo, just need to handle the initial calibration.

I will say that RFS Flight director in the cockpit is nice, and it’s something I wish was in IF, otherwise i find it pretty difficult to fully rely on just the live cockpit in IF.

All the various features of RFS are nice but IF feels better imo and flying in RFS for me never really works out as well as IF.

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