Infinite flight and real life

Hello y’all !

I was wondering, do y’all think it’s a good idea to include Infinite Flight accomplishments into an application form for college ?
Things like, IFATC, VA roles, User guide contributions, Beta testing… I mean infinite flight contributions in general.

Especially for an aeronautical university.
I’d like to have your opinion and please I want objective answers!



College is a real life thing. IF does not have all the real life aircraft components, so probably not.


I really don’t think that IF should be mentioned in things like college applications because IF is just a Flight sim and not a real life “training thing” for real life applications.


Disclaimer: I’m not an HR person. This is just my personal view.

I think it depends a bit on what you’re applying for, what role you have in IF and how you sell it.

In my personal case, I put my role as a community moderator as volunteering experience on my resume when I applied for my last job: It shows that I have experience in working with an international team, community management, digital communications, and so on. And it definitely didn’t hurt to have it there.

An IFATC trainer has experience in training people in a virtual environment using digital forms of communication. An airport reviewer has experience in quality assurance. A Discord moderator has community management experience, conflict resolution, etc. The CEO of a successful VA has international leadership experience. Behind every job or function, whether volunteer or paid, is experience that - depending on what you’re applying for - can make a difference on a resume and in an interview.

If you’re applying for a job or a degree where one of the skills you have because if your volunteering experience at Infinite Flight has a real use case, then I would put it on the resume / application form. But you really need to have a reason to put it there, and you need to be able to explain why you put it there when asked about it. Don’t put it there as a job though, you’re not working for Infinite Flight or a VA. It’s a volunteering experience.


An aeronautical university will not care about your achievements in a simulator. If you have actual flying achievements they will care about that but they won’t care if you were in a virtual airline or anything because that does them nothing

I’m in full agreement with Marc.

If you have any leadership roles within Infinite Flight, I would highly recommend that you include them in your CV/resume. Recruiters nowadays are not looking for robots - demonstrating to them that you have some other interests than using Excel 24/7 is seen as a huge bonus and will definitely not hurt your application. I would include it if I were you.

@JacksonAviation I cannot disagree more with your comment. I put my Infinite Flight experiences on my CV and it was quite the talking point during my interviews, and this was for a finance role - as far away from aviation as you get.


My work with IF was a major selling point in a lot of my interviews. In fact, the job I now have with an up-and-coming cargo airline is essentially the same as what I was doing here and with IFATC (building training programs, writing documentation, etc.).

So yes, it’s a great idea. Just because IF isn’t what you would call “conventional” doesn’t mean the connections, experiences, and skills you learn here are any less valid. The sheer amount of life lessons I had to figure out when dealing with an IFATC team of 500+ people and various subgroups like the training team equipped me for a professional career far more than a lot of real world experiences would have.


Thank you for your replies @Marc @JoshFly8 @JacksonAviation @generic_flyer & @Avocado_Aviator !

Your advices are very interesting and helpful! Thanks a lot! Now I know what to do :)


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