Infinite flight and other games (YouTube)

I have a channel which is named as my topic. This channel does not intend to die like other but I will try my best to keep my vids coming.

As my editing skills become better I shall be doing comedy videos as well. Here is the link.

As I said I intend for this channel not to die out.

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Your video looks great!

However, on takeoff, you shouldn’t exceed 15 degrees pitch up and you shouldn’t accelerate up to 240 knots right away.


You should post your channel on

The mods don’t like this very much


Quick question when should you go up to 240 knots

I think once you go past 3000 then you are able to high speed

Come on man don’t confuse the community Subhaxs. This is a better reference for speed restrictions. Note IAS above FL100 may be lower for certain aircraft

  • Taxiing: 35kt limit

  • Below FL100: 250kt IAS speed restriction

  • Above FL100: 350kt IAS is the maximum Pre-Global *maximum speed rates change with aircraft.


Well, it is different for everybody, but I always wait until above 5000 AGL, or in higher regions only 3000 AGL.

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Oh ok thanks anyway for the advice