Infinite Flight and my journey to PPL: a dream realized

Hey everyone, it’s been a little while since I’ve been active here or on flight sims in general. (I’ve still been following IF closely though, can’t wait to come back once I have some more time!)

In that time, I finally achieved my greatest dream: becoming a private pilot. I’ve been taking flight lessons for ~3 years now, and on the day of my 17th birthday, I passed the oral portion of my checkride, with the flight portion following 3 days later. This has been a moment I’ve imagined ever since my first flight on Infinite Flight back in 2012, playing on a parent’s iPhone. Even now, almost 3 months later, it still feels surreal.

I’ll spare you all from too many specific write ups, but here’s two moments from my solo xc-flights that I particularly enjoyed, one being my XC to a grass strip, the other just some low-and-slow by the coast. I did most of my training in this 160hp Citabria, and I’ve continued to fly it since then. Thankfully, I’ve improved my tailwheel skills since the XCub release on IF back in 2019 😆

I’d really like to thank this community and especially the Infinite Flight staff for everything you did (and still do!) to contribute to my love for aviation, I truly would not be here if it weren’t for this incredible simulator and community. The expert server and IFATC also contributed heavily to my successful first interactions with ATC, the phraseology and procedures felt so familiar!

I’d also like to mention that this sim has shaped me as a pilot-programmer, @Cameron and @KaiM especially, you guys gave me incredible advice back when I developed Infinite Radar in early 2020, and that advice has shaped me as a developer since then.

I’ll hopefully be more active here in the next months/years, but again, thank you Infinite Flight for keeping my love for aviation alive for the past 11 years!


nice pics :)

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