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As many of you guys know, we have several real world pilots and hardcore Infinite Flight pilots that use Foreflight to help them fly, Recently, Foreflight added a new feature there service to were you can get D-ATIS or Digital ATIS meaning pilots no longer have to tune to the ATIS frequency. This service is only available for about 70 primary US airports so please check to see if your airport is supported by Foreflight’s D-ATIS. Must have the Performance Plus or Business Plus subscribtion to access it!

Steps to pull up the D-ATIS on Foreflight:
1)Have a valid subscription
2)Make sure your app is up to date
3)Open Foreflight on a device
4)Find a major US Airport (EX.KDFW)
5)Click on the DFW airport
6)Along the bottom, hit the METAR tab.
7)Look at the top to where it says METAR and D-ATIS
8)Click D-ATIS and read it!

Hope this helps my fellow IF pilots



Does this feature only work on the iPad version and not the iPhone version?

It works on both. I used it on my IPhone first then used my iPad as well

Just bought ForeFlight!😂


There is another thread regarding if just summers should use since it’s so expose but hey

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But I’ll fly a lot (as passenger, and I love ForeFlight)

Hmm I’ll keep figuring it out, I can’t get it to work on my devices.
Pro subscription, latest updates installed

Oh, I see now it’s a “Performance Plus” feature.


I can’t see it… I only see the frequencies (also ATIS) but how can I listen/read them?

That’s €300 a year😱

Is it? I’ll add that into my post

Yeah. I have the Pro subscription and don’t have it. The update on their website says it’s a Performance Plus feature. No biggie

I added it to the post. I don’t reallt pay attention to my subscription that much

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