Infinite flight and app store telling me different stuff about my IF subscription

ok so basically my ipad is telling me different stuff about my subscription and i dont know when it ends because normally it just renews automatically each month.

would be good if yous could get back, thank you

Device: iPad
Operating system:

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Another thing is on my phone it says itll renew on the 31 of may 2024 and my ipad says different.

Are you using the same Apple-ID on your phone as you are on your iPad?

yes i am im just confused at why my ipad IF and apple store are saying different things

You’re most likely in a grace period then.
Are you still using “Air France 001” as callsign?

If possible, it would be great if you could change to something more unique since there are 27 different accounts in our system matching that. Then we’d be able to check more on your account :)

Yes im currently flying air france 001 from Paris to New york JFK can you track me down from there? or do i change my call sign so you can find me?

If you can, it would help if you changed. Where you’re flying right now doesn’t help much :)

Ok i have changed it to French Post 001 super, what are you willing to do once you find my aicraft?

is that you?

EDIT: @schyllberg maybe that could help

Yes that is me

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ah its all fine now its saying the right date for my subscription to end and when it renews

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