Infinite Flight AMS Community Meetup!

Join us on Saturday, 17th August, 2024, at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for our last IN-PERSON event of the year! Over the years, we’ve received heaps of requests to host a community meet-up here, and now it’s official. Stop by, grab some swag, watch planes and chat with fellow Infinite Flight pilots and aviation enthusiasts.


🕑 Date & Time


🗺️ Location & Plan

At 12:00pm
We’ll meet on the Panorama Terrace; a viewing deck that allows you to view the aircraft and ramp up close. To get here, head to Departure Hall 1, and take the stairs or escalator to the second floor. From here you’ll find clear signage pointing you into the direction of the Panorama Terrace.

We’ll be here until 2:00pm. The terrace is the ideal location, not only for watching planes, but for facilities too. There are plenty of options for food & drink if you get a bit hungry!

From 2:30pm to 4:30pm
We’ll be at the well known Polderbaan spotting location. Although it’s a bit tricky to get to this spot, it’s a must, especially for this meetup! This location offers incredible views of the arriving or departing traffic on runway 36L/18R. There’s even a fast food truck here…

⚠️ As mentioned, getting to this spot can be difficult at times, so we’ve highlighted a few travel options below:

  1. Take the 300 bus from Haarlem Station to Vijfhuizen (23 min), then take the 37 min walk to the Polderbaan - This is lengthy and not very ideal, but it’s an option.
  2. Try to catch a taxi or order an Uber. Some drivers are reluctant to do this route due to it being very short. One thing to keep in mind!
  3. Drive! If you have a car, you can make your own way to the Polderbaan stress free. If you are driving and have some spare seats, it would be highly appreciated if you could consider giving some folks a ride to the Polderbaan.
  4. One last option is to take the 300 bus from Haarlem Station to Vijfhuizen, and then grab a lift from somebody at the end of the bus ride to avoid the 37 minute walk from the station to the Polderbaan. Of course this is only an option is someone is willing to do a few lifts in their car.

NOTE: This is the proposed plan for the day, and hopefully it remains this way. If not, we have a number of contingency plans in mind. We’ll fully communicate any changes to this plan in any are made. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels and especially this thread. You can set this thread to watching to receive notifications for each reply.

🚇 Getting to Amsterdam Schiphol

For travel information and how to get to and from Schiphol, head to If you are driving to AMS, consider pre-planning your journey and have a plan in mind when it comes to parking.

🅿️ Schiphol has plenty of parking options. The Polderbaan in particular also has free parking available, with plenty of spaces.

ℹ️ Additional info
  • All visitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult while attending the meetup.
  • We are not responsible for the health and safety of our attendees.
  • This meetup will take place at a location open to the public. Face coverings are optional but welcome at the meet. Attendees are encouraged to respect their peers’ personal choices at all times.
  • Noises above 85dB can cause hearing damage so if you wish, bring hearing protection.
  • Please take care of yourself and others around you. AMS is surrounded by busy roads and is a fast paced environment.
  • By attending this event you consent to being featured in footage and photos that we love to capture for memorable moments, which will ONLY be used for sharing with our community on our social media platforms.


Get your ticket(s) below! Please ONLY obtain tickets if you’re 100% joining this event. If you sign up and your plans change, advise a member of staff as soon as possible so that we can remove you from the list.



Wish I could be there but will be in mass!

Nice new pfp btw @Dan!


Im joining as well

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A meet I might be able to attend! I’ll definitely be putting this down in my agenda to keep the day free.

Keeping my fingers crossed I can make it!


Time to catch a Fligh…Train 🚂. See you all there 👋🏼


im going try my hardest to be there, may swim over if i have too lol


I will be in that neck of the woods during that time frame. Not sure if it works for me but if it does, I will certainly be there. No promises at this time.


Got my tickets!
Can’t miss the meetup in my own country and at the airport I edited!! 😁


Another one I have to miss out on. For those going though have the best time ever!


2,5 hour drive with NS from the south, signed up so lets go!


3 hours of train from Paris, I’m definitely in, my first in person meeting !


If only.


sadly can’t attend this one! would love to come to amsterdam another time!

it’s the day of my mothers birthday so family comes first! :)

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happy cake day rick!

Who are you callin a Fokker?


I’ve just book my flight all the way from Mala- yeah I’m just kidding 😂

Enjoy the meet up everyone!


A direct flight as well. Looks so tempting.

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I wish I could attend, but this is on the exact day I will be flying JFK - BER IRL.

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I actually might be able to come to this one!

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Same for me

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