Infinite flight always one step ahead

It’s crazy how these developers are always one step ahead! Like for instance 90% of us probably didn’t know they were gonna being Avelo Airlines to the game! Same with Burbank Airport! What’s gonna be next?


Who says they’re just one step ahead? Best guess would have me think that they’re 5-6 ahead where you’d expect them to be. As for what’s coming next? Remember that we still have the E-Jets and F-18 in the works, despite the delays.


I’m afraid I don’t agree. We are so behind in liveries that is kinda weird seeing unpopular additions when the major ones are missing.


Maybe they’re MILLIONS lol

The point of adding these slightly less-known liveries is to encourage more diversity in terms of what livery and where people fly.


I agree. With the addition of Avelo Airline we‘re now able to fly even more routes in America. Even if their route network isn’t the biggest it’s still adding new possibilities e.g. more domestic events in America. And together with all the custom airports in America it will be a great experience.

Once the F18 comes out together with many American military airports, we‘ll have even more diversity. Let’s hope we‘ll get even more America-based sim additions in order to broaden the realism.

I‘m sure we‘ll get the major US livery’s on the E-series once it launches.


I have a 50-50 opinion. I agree in some points and I also disagree in some points. I agree that with new liveries has been added makes more diversity. But I struggle to get to the point where why adding more diversity in US. I’m pretty sure there are tons of liveries in IF that fly the same route. We could get more diversity in Europe, in South Africa, or Asia. The 737-8 fly pegasus was a great add on Europe-Middle East.


Yay I can fly on American Eagle!

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Only thing we’re mssing is another 2-3 Southwest liveries cause…why not 🥴


I think Southwest has enough for the time being, IF should focus on Frontier


They said they were approached by the airline though to add the livery.


I don’t think this is unpopular at all. Most players are US based so US airlines and airports are what makes most players happy. I am super excited to have Avelo and would rather have that than another African carrier that I wouldn’t use.


Enough about liveries …live weather please🥺

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I agree with what Kostas said, we need a little more liveries in the simulator (DHL, JetBlue Spirit etc.), along with some more reworked aircraft. From my point of view some of the most commonly used aircraft have not been reworked fully (A320, A321, 737 etc.)

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