Infinite Flight Altitude Record?

I bet I could break that record in F-14 after 200 years

I’m hoping someone does so I can break the record again lol

Doing 15 hour flights gets boring after a while. The record I broke was by accident. I was just trying to go to space over LAX on Casual server and I ended up leaving the Infinite Flight universe. Task failed successfully lol

So I have a feeling how you did it but explain how you did it. Did you like go into the ground and get launched with that glitch?

I got bored so I took the F-14 out for a little spin🤭 hope I get back

How do y’all do it? I keep losing flight controls at around 50K

Basically find a fast aircraft then go to around 20k in alt. Then stay level until the aircraft reaches cruising speed (must have afterburners on) then dive straight into the ground without crashing. Ps if you crash then rewind it p.p.s. Must be at least 1,000 kts to go into the ground. And that’s it just keep trying🙂

You’ll know you have done it when your in the ground and your speed gets all wonky

Fastest I’ve gotten by doing glitch

That went well

Remember just keep doing it. How fast was you going btw

Ps you’ll get shot up after being in the ground which is how it’s supposed to go also use a jet like the f14 or f22

Out of the entire spin that’s the highest I got

@PhorzaSky definitely takes this title ngl

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I’ll say this. If you guys want to achieve the space glitch, just spawn on the rwy 24 approach at VNLK with the F22

As for my glitch I did, I honestly don’t know how I did it lol

It was intended to be a prank at LA, but it turned into a back to the future reference real fast. So fast it looked like I teleported on the map

I dont think the pilots is doing really well with the g forces 🤣

I think that I got a little altitude from this flight

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Waz poppin bois???