Infinite Flight Airshow Results

This is the results for the IFAS. Enjoy!

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Here are the results for the Infinite Flight Airshow:

The first act was @Narroc_Wim in an F-14C fighter jet. He did some very nice twists and loops, in an aerobatics performance. Score out of 10: 8/10.

The second act was @Hamza_Adan in a 777-300ER. He did some fast low-level flying, and even performed a loop! Score out of 10: 12/10, just because he did a loop in a 777.

The final act was me, in an F-22. I did some tight turns and loops, even a loop right off the runway. I need someone to give me a score out of 10.


Thanks! I’m sorry that my game was lagging so I couldn’t perform as planned😔

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Is there any video if this event?

No there is not. I couldn’t take photos because of the lag. Maybe next time :)

Would this qualify for an air show :)

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Can we have another air show? This time I will be able to join! :D

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Yeah, would be great to have another one.

Maybe a landing competition

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In the future, I am planning on having another one, that is far more organized. This one I gave the dates later, put I am already starting to plan for another one. It’s a great little thing!

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