Infinite Flight - Airports that can handle Airbus A380

There seems to be confusion sometimes over which airports in IF can allow A380s, the largest aircraft in the simulator. By ‘allow’ I mean if the A380 can land at that particular airport in real life and if it’s being realistic. This will be made a wiki so feel free to add any airports that you know of (as long as you are sure that A380’s can land there in real life.) This is only for where A380’s land in real life being routes they fly regularly or have visited before. There are other airports in IF large enough to accommodate the A380 (eg. Edwards AFB) but the A380 doesn’t go there IRL

This is only a guide to realism and i’m not saying that you can’t land at an airport with an A380 if it’s not listed. That is at the discretion of the controller.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • None

Charlotte, NC

  • None

Chicago, IL

  • KORD
    Chicago O’Hare - Will be A380 capable in mid-2016

Denver, CO

  • None


  • PHNL
    Honolulu International


New York


  • KOSH
    Wittman Regional

Paris, France

  • LFPG
    Paris Charles De Gaulle

San Francisco

  • KSFO
    San Francisco International

Seattle, WA

  • None

Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

  • WMKK
    Kuala Lumpur

  • WSSS
    Singapore Changi

Southern California

South Florida

Sydney, Australia

  • YSSY
    Sydney Kingsford Smith International

Thank you so much! This is very useful! :)


Nice list, definitely needed for some people.


Feel free to add any airports that you know of, I’ve added the ones I know. The list should slowly become filled and completed so this can be used as a reference

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Would this count? Not A380 “compatible” but will ultimately be able to host the aircraft.

Yeah I guess so, like the article says they already have 6 A380 capable runways at Chicago so in my opinion it counts, nice find!

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Here is a list of approved US airports authorized to accommodate the A380.

ANC - Anchorage International Airport
ATL - Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport
DEN - Denver International Airport
DFW - Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport
IAD - Washington Dulles International Airport
IAH - Houston Intercontinental Airport, Texas
JFK - John F. Kennedy International Airport
LAX - Los Angeles International Airport
MCO - Orlando International Airport
MEM - Memphis International Airport
MIA - Miami International Airport
SDF - Louisville International Airport, Kentucky
SFO - San Francisco International Airport


Here’s the link for all authorized A380 International airports.
Source: Airbuse


Denver can accommodate the a380 but no airlines chuse to fly there.

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*Brings A380 at KHAF ;)


Classic FF.

Düsseldorf is served by an Emirates A380 (EK55/EK56)

And Lufthansa flew the A380 to EDDL for a presentation in 2010.

Birmingham (EGBB) is getting EK A380s this year.

Thanks I’ll add that in

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I was wondering why Birmingham wasn’t on there :)

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Atlanta has the Korean a380 btw I live in atl

There appears to be interest in showing which aircraft is capable in which gates/airports. I can provide this visually in if some one can provide the knowledge.

Wouldn’t Boeing Field in Seattle be able to?

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Yeah most likely, and the main airport in Seatlle would be able to probably, but I think the list is for more real world locations of the A380 and I can’t see the A380 landing at Boeings production airport, but if you really want it added then go ahead :)

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Thank you!! Sometimes I see a380 spawning at Aspen pitkin lol

There will be a new airport near Sydney that can land A380’s.