Infinite flight airport editing

Can some one complete some airports for me since i tried doing and my laptop crsshed while opening liveflightapp

There is already a team known as the IFAE (Infinite Flight Airport Editors) that are currently working on all of the airports need for global.

I contacted @Kilt_McHaggis and he said nobody is working on south infia

Africa, thought I’d tell you :)

India i meant

@Henrik and Cameron can help you

Ok i tried to check slack from liveflightapp and then my laptop crashed

I’m a bit confused. What’s your question?

Main problem is i found that no one is working on south india so i thought i could do it so i finished sign up on github and was going to slack so i had to go to liveflightapp to get it then after i clicked the link my laptop crashed.

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In airport editing team is anyone free so you can assign him a airport

What do you mean you opened “Liveflightapp”? The only LiveFlight thing to do with editing is the email address…