Infinite Flight Airport Editing

As I have an extra long summer coming up!!
Will sure try and apply for a few things to help the community out!

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I’ve already applied, just waiting for a respons. ☺️

Good news is, I’ve got the iMac I need. Bad news, school is so busy that it keeps me even from flying. Wish I could work with you guys


Hello @alexandre.g,

now you have managed to create GitHub account, you might be able to create a slack account?
If “yes” try to install the software we have mentioned in the guide above in this thread. When you were able to do so you just have to send a email to the address stated to get a invitation to our slack workspace.
Then you are member of our team and can start editing all the airports you like to have in IF.

You could start with the one you have requested in a unpleasant way in our repository. It is nice little GA field with good images and excellent documentary available. Not to much to fail about this one, excellent for a beginner.

So, take the chance and contribute, instead of shouting at us.

I will leave the issue open in GitHub for a week. So you have some time to get through the easy joining process. You will be assigned to it as soon as you have done so.
If you didn’t manage to do so I will recycle it to something different, and your airfield will be forgotten instead of been done soon.
May be some one else will be less patient then I am, and recycle it sooner, who knows?

Again, take the chance! Have some satisfaction in contributing something useful to the community.



Sorry. I will. Thanks for your answer

Airport editing seems really fun.

Hi Mark,

The airport editing team has a strict policy of not taking requests from the public. The editors are free to do the airports they want. Instead of asking us to do an airport (which will not make us to do it) why not joining the team? You’re always welcome to join us at


I’m happy to be a part of this team!

Is MacOS Supported for Airport editing?



If SAS Planet Nightly isn’t available for MacOS for imagery, what program can people who have a Mac use to create accurate airports?

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We use WED-O-Maker

Mind if you can share the link to the page? Thank you :)

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At this point, I recommend applying if you’re still unsure. And just to be clear, you actually can use SAS imagery on a Mac, it just needs to be provided to you by another editor


Do you need both WED and SAS to be part of IFAE?

You need WED. SAS isn’t really a requirement but it’s good to have (if you own a PC). Wed-O-Maker is the alternative.


No it’s not. Times have changed.

I edit without SAS or WED-O-Maker, mostly because I edit on Mac and Wed-o-maker is trash

I have applied to join but struggling on what software is required.

I have Windows 10


All that information is in the welcome email you’ll receive when we (I) go through and add you :)

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