Infinite Flight Airport Editing

What satelitte services do the IF editing team use when creating or updating airports? I say this because airports have major new features such as new runways, terminals and taxiiways. These have been operational for months but haven’t been implemented into IF because of a “lack of satellite imagery”. Do you only use Google Earth since the program takes a while for imagery to update? Why don’t you use some of the other free satellite imagery services which has images updating every few days?

Usually we use “Google Maps Satellite imagery”, alternative we use Bing, Yandes, ArcGIS/ESRI, Nokia here-maps. The bottle neck is the tool we use to get geotiff images to import in WED. This tool is Planet.SAS.
In some cases we do import Aerodrome Charts, Docking Charts, and image shoots from Google Earth Pro. Unfortunately this images have to sized and placed manually for each piece in WED, that’s everything but precise.
Google Maps Satellite imagery is usually one to three cycles behind Google Earth.

There is no way to get Google Earth imagery or Apple Maps satellite imagery into WED in a Geo-referenced way we are aware off.


Some additional remarks on satellite images.
The time frame when new images are available varies also from region to region of the Earth. That is due to several factors, one is commercial interest of the provider, yes also free of charge imagery is not free at all. Another one is weather, the more likely clouds are in a area during daylight the less likely it is to get updated images. In addition satellites that do take commercial imagery do not cover the whole globe equal, again it depends on the commercial interest of the operator.
Further on it depends on the latitude of the location you want to get images, it is more difficult to deal with in postprocessing when your re more away from the a aquatic, but that Leads to a complete separat topic about satellite images.
Just because Google and others provide you a “full” cloud free view of the globe didn’t mean it is simple.

as a personal remark: I think we might get a new tool for airport editing when buildings come into play, and it is totally up in the air wich sources for imagery will be available with that. Everything around that topic is guesswork.


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