Infinite Flight Airport Editing

Ah. Just to let you know, they have been inactive for ages.

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oof damn :(

Is anyone able to help me with something?

Hi there! I’m here to help in words, or if you’re already in the IFAET Slack, you can go ahead and ask a question in #discussions.


I have actually but no one cares to answer my question or isn’t able to help me

I’ve sent you a PM in the Slack. I’m all ears!

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Ok, I’m not on right now but I will later today

Okay, no worries!

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Hi, i have applied two weeks ago. Are the applications closed?

No. It’s normal to wait longer during this time of the year where the AET managers are busier and new editors are welcomed into the team in groups, rather than individually.

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Took me about 4 ish days, I was in the team for a month.

It is a little hard to learn the software but once you understand the basics you pick it up quite well from what I can remember from my experience a long time ago

ouch, it’s been 12 days and they haven’t answered me, they said it would take around 14 days so i’m still waiting

Expect a delay as I look for a free moment to process the applications. Unfortunately my magnifying glass is on loan, so the search may take a bit.

hi guys I was wondering if someone can re do YSBK Bankstown in Sydney. they have got the wrong runway names.

Requests = considerations = not always noticed = not allowed on public threads.

The least we can do is change the runway names for the time being.

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YSBK was redone 4 years ago. The IFAET is currently prioritising editing automatically generated airports over already edited airports in ok shape, so don’t expect a full redo anytime soon.

Hi @Cameron_M,

a redo wouldn’t happen in forseable time as the others already explained.
But I have fixed the runway naming of 12/30 to 11R/29L.



Hello everyone .
Thank you for your hard work to edit world airports .
I don’t know if this is the right place to say what messing in OKBK airport .
It’s the green light showing where is the airport is .
Thank you again for everything you do guys .

Not sure what you mean @iidvdii , but I guess its about the beacon.
It is just reworked by @Oscar_Conklin, may be you can DM him your question.

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