Infinite Flight Airport Editing

Hey! I forgot to ask, how long does the application process take?

As a rule of thumb, expect a reply after up to 14 days, might go as far as a month depending on our availability in extreme cases


Thanks @Moritz!

Hey, SAS wont work on my computer and i cant get to the repository. Any help with that?

Check Slack and ask in discussion channel.


OK, ill wait for my application to be approved, but im trying to be prepared.

Hello !
So I just thought about IF and then the question came up if I am able to contribute something to IF ?
So as I am not a pro dev I wouldn‘t be able to develop on planes (don‘t know if this is even possible) but I think some airport editing would be fun for me.
I know that there is an IFAET but I don‘t know if I can join them. Maybe airport editing can be pretty hard, too but I want to try it.
Well all in all my question is if I could edit some airports 🙂

I would appreciate your help !

Check your DM :)

Dear Airport Editing Team,
over a month ago the airport of Samedan (St. Moritz) updated their runway for ILS approach and I kindly wanted to ask if this change will be implemented into Infinite Flight soon. Below the original message of the airport is attached.

We are pleased to announce that from 5th of December 2019 the instrument approach at the Samedan regional airport LSZS is available. (

Hi there!

Requesting airports and updates aren’t taken by IFAET, this airport will be worked on when we next look at it, as there are many more airports desperately in need of updating. If you want this to be updated sooner, why not join and help us develop Infinite Flight? 😀

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Wait, St. Moritz?

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Dear @Rocco,

es IFAET supervisor and naveditor I can tell you that all changes that we get aware of will be incooperated in the database. The question is not if, but when.
So, when a navigation database editor gets interested in that specific change, then it will be in IF with the next database push after he edited the necessary files.
If this hapens within the next few weeks it will be in the database push end of February or beginning of March, if the update is not skipped by IF-LLC.
Would this be soon? I don’t know.



Thank you for informing me!

after reading the documents for the airport I have a bad news for you:
They do NOT have ILS.
What they did is publishing a GNSS approach, this is a Satellit navigation based instrument approach procedure, and not a (ground) radio based navigation procedure like ILS.

The good news is that you do not have to wait. All you need is already there in Infinite flight…


Ah, yes, you’re completely right. I just double checked and due to the mountains around the airport they cannot add ILS.

these links dont seem to be working, saying 404 error or that the file is deleted or something

Yup, Kilt isn’t online anymore. Sad, but true.

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Who to send my information to join the team

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@airportediting is who you PM. It may not be tagged here but it is available on the PM section.


The link to see the list of edited and non edited airports doesn’t work.