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Have you ever wanted to help out Infinite Flight to make the flight simulator better? Well this is the place for you! The Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team is an open invite developer team that works on maintaining the high standards of the airports and navigation of Infinite Flight. Created in Early 2015, the airport editing team has brought people in from all around the world to reach a common goal of expanding the repository of Infinite Flight’s edited airports. Some of our volunteer members spend countless hours everyday making this team what it is today and we can always use as much help as we can get! Come join the project!

The Airport Editing Leadership Team

Infinite Flight Staff
Don’t contact staff for Airport Editing questions or concerns
@Cameron @MishaCamp

@Moritz @Ryan

@Brunocr98 @Major-Tom @Mauricio_B @OrangeJuice @ItsWill


Infinite Flight released live in the year 2014. The default airport at the time was KHAF in the San Francisco region. As a result, everyone’s session started here unless they actually selected an airport. However, KHAF only had a couple of ramp spawns which meant many people started flights on top of each other which bugged many people. Soon after live released, @Laura began asking the beta team at the time if anyone knew how to use WED to update airports. @Cameron was interested in the possibilities and redid this airport to get an idea of what was doable.

Once Cameron finished editing this airport, he sent it over to Laura and she released it into Infinite Flight! This worked well in the update, which led Cameron to update some of the larger airports (i.e. add the new TBIT at LAX, etc). Eventually, more people wanted to get involved in the airport editing project. Soon after people like Nik B and @Jonathan joined the team and began working on a few small airports. Cameron set up a GitHub repository to keep track of different versions (and for Laura to grab easily). Thus bringing the efficiency of the team up.

The team grew and Cameron set up the email for submissions, a couple of YouTube tutorials, the Slack team, etc. That was the beginning of the official review team. With that, they were involved in reviewing airports to maintain a certain high standard throughout the team.

When Infinite Flight began thinking about going global… Cameron added global airports to the repository and worked with @Kilt_McHaggis and a few other editors on working to redo important international airports. Now currently we have a bit over 4,000 airports edited internationally but still have over 20,000 more airports to edit. The team has just begun! Be a part of our history


All information on and relating to Airport Editing can be found in several text and video tutorials on the web. See the most important sources of information below. Every editor is strongly asked to check the tutorials before contributing to avoid issues and frustration. But don’t worry, we always have members of our editing team ready to help you through the stages of editing within our Slack.

The Editing Guide

The official tutorial is the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Beginner’s Guide. It includes information on all steps of Infinite Flight Airport Editing starting with the download and setup of the software. It also includes helpful links, shortcuts and an editing checklist.

The beginners guide is updated regularly in order to include the latest features of the software and changes in the editing guidelines.

See The Beginners Guide


On our YouTube channel, you can find several videos in English and Spanish covering editing process. Be sure to check them out as sometimes visuals are easier to understand then when in written standard.

See Our YouTube Page


Our website has everything that a person could ever want on it! Check it out!

See Our Website


World Editor (WED)

WorldEditor (often abbreviated to WED) is an open source 2D scenery and airport editor for X-Plane, Infinite Flight, and FlightGear. It serves as a scenery creation and editing tool and is designed to be a graphical tool for editing scenery overlays. World Editor is also the core software for our project. The program is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Download WorldEditor (WED)

SAS Planet Nightly (Windows and Linux Only)

You may already have wondered how editors are able to create such accurate airports. The answer is simple: We use software that provides orthophotos for import into WED. Our preferred software is SASPlanet. This program is capable of exporting orthophotos as well as their respective coordinates from various sources like Google Earth, Bing or Yandex Maps in selectable quality. SASPlanet is only available for Windows and Linux. To download SASPlanet, search for “SASPlanet Nightly” using google or use the link down below. The first result should show “Nightly – SASGIS”. Selecting this result will lead you to a page where SAS is downloaded automatically as a .7z file which can be opened using programs like 7-zip. Don’t be alarmed, the software page is in Russian but the link is 100% safe to download from.

Download SAS Planet Nightly


@Kilt_McHaggis is one of our Airport Editing Managers who puts numerous hours a day into cataloging and keeping a beautifully set up database of our airports. Below you can find his map containing all airports we currently have in our database. To view the map; click on a flag and then click on one of the links (airways or airports). That will open up a new page which will show all of the completed/uncompleted airports in that country.

Airport Map

More Charts By Kilt

All Completed Airports By Airport Editor’s (Updated Weekly):

All Airport’s In The World - Edited or Not Edited (Updated Weekly):


To contribute to Infinite Flight Airport Editing, send a direct message to @airportediting . Please include the following information in your message:

• Your Name
• Your Email Address
• Your GitHub Username (If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here)

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Hey one question do you need powerfull computer to run software you are using?

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I wondered the same thing because I have a patato PC… :)


The PC doesn’t have to be very powerful, I was able to run WED and SAS on a Lenovo Flex 14, which is nowhere near the most powerful PC, but I do suggest you find one with at least 10 Giga-Bytes of storage remaining.


I just sent an email to join the team! :)


We need to edit Panama City airport (MPTO) ASAP! They’ve come out with a huge new terminal.


Please read post #2 above. 🙂


Great job! Very well done on this post!


I recently redid that airport but the scenery push is yet to be released. As a Panamanian I’m committed to keep updated this airport and all of the airports where Copa Airlines has operations. Unfortunately, due to lack of updated imagery and charts I’m unable to do all of these changes. I’m completely aware of all the changes that are happening at MPTO.


Can anyone sign up for airport editing. Do you ask some questions before hand. Like can a basic user sign up if they have the sufficient requirements

I think that anyone can join the airport editing team. I’m not sure tho.

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They have to meet the requirements shown on the main thread.

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Wow, great looking thread @Moritz and @Balloonchaser ! It truly is an honor to be on this great team of dedicated individuals devoting tons of time to edit airports. The IFAET is quite understated and under-appreciated, but this thread ought to attract some potential members!


Where’s the main thread ?

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Here’s some. @roostbrood

Yeah, but that aren’t really requirements… Like, everyone has a name… That are just things to add in you mail.

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Yeah. I can’t seem to find the Getting Info Airport Editing Thread so I found this one.

As long as you have a willingness to help, can handle criticism, and have some free time, you’ll be okay. Anyone can join.