Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team - Question

Howdy all!

So recently I’ve been looking into the Airport Editing Team, and I’ve been wanting to join it. I looked at their topic, and sadly I’m pretty sure they aren’t accepting people into the team anymore.

Does anyone know if they will start accepting people again?

There’s no set deadline for when they will accept any more people, since a date on when any new editing software has not been announced.

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All airport editing is now completed in-app by a select team of individuals selected by the Infinite Flight team.

This group works on the 3D airports as well as the 2D aspects of airports.

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Alright, thanks guys.

@Declan_O So you can’t apply for that group, you have to be chosen?

You currently can not apply to join the airport editing team as Misha has stated that the ability to join the airport editing team is currently closed for an indefinite period of time.


Thanks Declan

I get the close


You’re welcome, Jack!


Nah bud.

Me… win

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