Infinite Flight Airport Editing: O'Hare International Airport

Infinite Flight Airport Editing: O’Hare International Airport Pt.1 2022-07-11T16:00:00Z2022-07-11T17:30:00Z

The Infinite Flight Scenery Editor is a revolutionary in-app tool which allows scenery editors to edit airports from 2D to 3D. From creating pavements to building magnificent terminal structures, this is where the magic happens.

Stream breakdown

Firstly, we will explore the scenery editor itself. A small tour you could say to show you what the editor is like and some of the tools it comes with.

After having a look around, we will start looking into the 3D aspect and what it takes to ‘layer’ buildings, change facades and bring an airport to life whilst paying fine attention to detail. The core focus of this stream will be the 3D aspect, bringing one of KORDs concourses to life. @Laura and @DeerCrusher will keep us company on the stream! So, as I continue with editing there will be plenty of opportunities to ask both of them questions.

You can watch the stream below:


Yeah! Finally!


Soo exited!! Can’t wait! 😁


Hopefully people will understand the blood, sweat, and tears we put into our projects 😂


I am not in the editing yet but I can tell that it is a lot of hard work. My respect is through the roof for you guys changing these airports into 3D.

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Awesome! I’ll be joining!

Many thanks to the entire Infinite Flight family for creating this wonderful gem of a scenario editor and making it available to the entire community that is willing to give everything to make the best airports in the world.

Awesome I can’t wait

Looking forward to seeing this set up in action! Thanks IF Airport Editing for your hard work thus far! Y’all are the real MVPs!!!

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Thanks for this Dan!

Will the custom tower be added?

It seems like to some degree, but not a full custom one.


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Am I the only one who is as excited, if not more to finally see @DeerCrusher? (It’s possible that Matt has shown what he looks like before and I just forgot.)

Anyways, this is really cool! @Dan thank you for doing this to give more exposure to the community. I think I speak for the whole community in saying that we truly do appreciate it and streams such as this help explain to the community what goes on behind the scenes.


Awesome Dan

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I dont think I have outside of Discord chats and hangouts with various people. 🙃


Thought so. 😂

Will you be contributing to ORD or is it just Dan?

(Your answer better not be “maybe, maybe not.”)😂

I will not be contributing to ORD. That’s Dan’s baby. 🙃

I did just finish Omaha the other day so that should come out in a future update. Will make sure that one is out for the EJets.


Ok cool.

Well, best of luck to Dan cause he’s editing and streaming. (Although he’s used to it.)

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