Infinite Flight Airport Editing Issues

The issue is that my pc can’t handle the x-pane 10 or 11 demo my graphics card and I don’t even know if the demo will fit on my pc

Well, this is kind of for Infinite Flight…

He’s talking about Infinite Flight Airport Editing.

@AmericanAirlines2739, if you don’t have enough space I recommend using a portable hard drive to store the files.

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The editing software and require ments Like making real airports from real world photos

Ok I was a little confuse sorry

Why don’t you send the email to join their slack and get help there?

I can’t I don’t earn lots of money because I’m a child with a pc that has I3 And about 250GB storage in total and I all ready use half

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You need to send an email to They will get you all set up. You actually don’t need XPlane to edit but some of us editors like to view our airports in XP before and after we send them in.


Also check out this website:


@dush19… MaxSez: This issue/Topic May be of interest…