Infinite Flight Airport Editing/Building

Out of curiosity, to those who edit and build airports in Infinite Flight, what is the thought process of choosing which airports to build (make 3D)? Is it just a random selection or a personal choice?



Airport editing is done by a group of volunteers. These volunteers have the ability to choose any airport to edit based on the size and their own experience


Editors can freely choose what airport they want to make 3D. When you first join you must start with a very small airport and work your way up.


I was gonna work straight on KFLL or KPBI when I got accepted lol but we gotta start small

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That’s what I’m currently thinking about right now. KFLL having 3D buildings. I’m hoping for 23.3 to be released with 3D buildings and if it doesn’t come in 23.3, then 23.4

Editing is a very long and tedious process that requires a lot of practice and skill. Starting small is honestly the best thing to do even if there wasn’t a requirement to start small.

Yeah not coming anytime soon I can tell you that.

For me I have been and probably will continue to build airports around me, and I think that’s the same for quite a few editors. A lot of editors though just choose whatever airport people are requesting or seems interesting to them.

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I’ll probably edit KLNA when I get accepted along with other small South Florida airports before moving to FLL and PBI when I get more comfortable editing

I recommend going even smaller than that for your first, you might be allowed to do KLNA but I wouldn’t bank on it. My first airport was a grass strip with 3 hangars for example. Pretty much just to learn the basics and get used to the UI before you do somehing truly representative and that people will see.

Your first airport should basically be a grass strip type size. Very small and very simple. All it should require is some basic editing.

I have been an editor for nearly a year and a half, so I would love to give you my take on it.

My thought process mainly consists of airports I love and am passionate about. My first airport, KTEX (Telluride Regional), is in my home state of Colorado. As people have mentioned above, you have to start small. Starting small is the best way to master your layering skills and do 2D stuff.

As I moved up, I next did LPPD (Ponta Delgada), a medium-sized airport in the Azores without jetbridges. This airport allowed me to gain more focus on layering, understand complex taxiway networks, and work with limited 3D imagery available.

I then chose KGRR (Grand Rapids). This airport was my first big-class bravo airport and my first time experimenting with jetbridges. Taught me a lot about naming and classifying taxiways in Infinite Flight.

When I start an airport, I think about what people will enjoy, any under-served region of Infinite Flight, or just building an airport that means a lot to me. If a new aircraft is coming that’s been announced, I might focus on an airport served by that aircraft, even if a livery is coming or confirmed.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a DM or reply here!

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Very interesting! I believe the last plane to come to IF was the Challenger 350. Considering this plane is mainly used as a private jet, did you start or plan to build any executive airports?

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I started KORF, which has a high a lot of CL35 activity. KORF should be coming in one of the following few updates.

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