Infinite Flight Airport Editing Application

Only Georgia? You won’t find me anywhere in Alabama, South Carolina, or Northern Florida.

wont find me in 49/50 states, Hawaii W

won’t find me in 50/50 states

Won’t find me in 29/30 members of NATO.


Same here!

I’m avoiding the entire continent of North America just to be safe 💀


I can only assume you’ll be the happiest person on Earth if you never come close to Brazil then…


Kapolei! Nice, Im on maui!

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Won’t even find me in 30/30 members of NATO

I have a question, if I applied July 15, 2022 to be an airport editor for Central America what is the estimated timeframe of when I will be accepted?

Anywhere from 2 hours to 6 months.

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Ehhh… Id say up to 8 months - a year maybe, who knows

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it’s been so long since ive applied, ive just forgotten about it now

Most people have tbh. Wild to think that GTA6 might come out before some people get accepted.


Nah, that was straight up foul💀


But it’s true.

I did the math a while back now, and in the worst case scenario the last editor to be accepted will get their invite between March 2023 - August 2024, depending on the scenario.

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True, but GTA6😂

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yeah lol, a game that has literally become a meme for how long it has taken.

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There would be around 2000 - 3000 editors then lol

Yeah and it’s likely to be awhile too. We’re just under 500 editors at the moment and things are still looking positive. Groups of 50 or so does seem to be that sweet number to get people up to speed and ensure we’re still offering quality airports.

The last thing we need is to have editors pumping out crummy airports, put a bad spotlight on IF and see a poor user experience as a result.

In IFATC we’ve been saying it for longer than folks here have been around. "Quality… not quantity”. We’ll aim for the same slogan. So if that means thing are going to take longer, then things will likely take longer.