Infinite Flight Airline United Airlines Hiring


Im Ceo of the United Airlines on Infinite flight we have started this airline a couple months ago we have 20+ Pilots we are looking for more. We fly in Chicago, Charlotte, San Francisco, and Southern California. We are going to get more destinations. We can make flight plans for are pilots looking for people to take other positions in the company. Are website is about up we are in an Alliance with about 10 airlines involved if you’d like to know more about are airline please contact me or more information about us. We use A320 737-900 Dash 8q400 747-400 767-300 777-200ER Crj-200 Ej-170. Please Visit are Website for more Information and further questions contact me.

Sincerely United Ceo, CFO

If you think this is dumb good for you we do not care move on in life.


Do you guys have a website?

How do I become an employee (pilot?)

Yes we do Im making it now. Ill message you when its done.

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I will send out application to you its easy application you will be accepted.

Are you Carson?

i am interested what do i have to do

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I will contact you when the websites up more info will be on there

Would you like a application sent to you by email I can? Please check are website.

Visit Are website for an application.

Are website is

Hey, I know Im late in this thread, but the website linked, all 4 of them (which are all the same btw) come up with a 404 error. Is this because the website has been shut down? I am interested in becoming a pilot. Thank you!

I would love to join but your website is not working

Hi I’m United 219 in this game and I’m trying to get to grade 3 and I’m going to do 3 specific Routes in global UAL219 ORD to HNL in a Boeing 777-200 new livery,UAL15 EWR to HNL in a Boeing 767-300 old United livery,

Ceased operations.