Infinite Flight Airline Project

Hello pilots,
I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for a long time, I left it for a long time due to lack of time. Now that my schedule is more free, I have decided to get back to the game and go back to the skies of IF.
But in a different way, you see, I spent a season playing in free mode, pretending to be an airline pilot and fly in a real way, like many of us all. And then the other season I was on a virtual IF airline. When you’re on an airline you see things differently, let’s say you start to take the game differently.
I want to resume the game by creating an airline, and with a serious team that is eager and excited to start this project. To carry out a cape you would need the following:

  • Someone with knowledge of web programming.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Equipment to distribute the different staff positions. (If they have experience of being in an airline and know how it works).

In this way, I do not return to the game in a monotonous way, I return to it with an idea and a project in mind. All those who have the qualities that I mentioned above, and want to collaborate can contact me without any problem. I add that I want to do things as professionally as possible, but I would take care of the cost involved in creating it.

A cordial greeting.


Hi, to create a Virtual Airline you would need to go through the process on the website.

VA’s must go through a process, and need to be approved.

You also need to meet the requirement at being TL2

You should also check this thread.

do you know if you are going to emulate any airlines in real life?

¿sabes si vas a emular alguna aerolínea?

Hello, to submit the application process if I am not mistaken I need to attach the website of the virtual airline. That is why before submitting the application I look for a qualified team to help me with the web, and graphic design. And once everything is ready, submit the application.
What do you mean by the requirement to be TL2? I’m lost, sorry.

Yes, I am thinking of simulating a real life airline.

No worry, the website should firstly be made by you, and until you are approved to you aren’t allowed to advertise for staff members. Or privately ask others to help you make it. @CaptainZac makes them if I’m not mistaken.

Regarding trust level, you are a Basic member, TL1 you need to be a member or TL2.

I have made websites for multiple virtual airlines before, so if you need any help, I’d be happy to help construct your website for you. Shoot me a PM and I’ll be happy to help you

Okay, you basically mean who should I create the website first? Thank you very much for the contribution, I will contact him.

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Please check out and contact @IFVARB if you have questions.