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How about this?:

Thomas Cook, Thomson, Jet2 and Monarch also fly in the London region :)


Thx B_W it’s been added

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What do you mean by this? If that is the case, then multiple airlines need to be pulled from the list

Sorted everything by Alphabetic order, please try to add them so as well.

What I mean by this is that ANA is an Intl airline, it’s hub is Tokyo. It might fly into Seattle but it’s not “known for it” let’s just say okay. As I said above its like saying that Qantas should be in the California because it flys from Australia.

Mostly I’m trying to use Domestic airlines to that region.

Get me?..

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Us airways flies into KPBI (SoFlo region)

OK so I now have Chicago done:
and Caribbean:

It’s looking good mate

Aeroflot planes fly sometimes to KMIA,KLAX,Heathrow,Paris,EHAM,New York,WSSS,WMKK .Transaero flew to New-York and Europe regions too.And S7 fly to Europe too

SoCal now complete:


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good work Kilt!!

There is now also a listing under the livery of all Bravo/Charlie airports served by that livery

Do Alaska airlines fly Chicago?


Because of the newer updates, I felt like people could contribute the newer airlines to this list. The post is a little dusty.

They don’t fly to the Caribbean

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My website shows all the current airports served by liveries used in Infinite Flight. But if you want to re-invent the wheel and forget to put the tire/tyre on then who am I? One thing I have found is it will be difficult to get a wiki complete unless you do it yourself :) has all liveries serving all airports.


By the way still revamping the airport charts. On hold just now while I fix the UK RAF airports which are requiring a bit more detail. Only 11 more airports in the issues list then I can get back to charts!

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Talking about the airport charts, I took a look at JFK, and saw it was with every apron in yellow, instead of being yellow red and blue, did you modify it?

Let me check out what I have when I get home. Thx for the heads up. Always appreciative of feedback :)

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