"Infinite Flight" airline callsign

I could be wrong here, but I thought there used to be a callsign for Infinite Flight. Did they get rid of it? I can’t find it in the callsign menu, and I remember that I used to fly with it all the time!

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They did. The Infinite Flight callsign is now reserved only for Infinite Flight staff/developers. Any other callsigns that are out there were grandfathered as those individuals have decided not to change their callsign.


Aw, that kinda makes me sad.

Am I allowed to ask what the reason was for the change?

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I actually don’t recall the exact reason unfortunately.


Okay, well I guess this thread can be closed now, since I got my answer!

Hopefully the IF callsign comes back for general use! I’d love to fly under it again.

Might’ve been overused. People might’ve got reckless and used it irresponsibly.


Here’s your answer:

it was removed simply to reserve it for staff.

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Yeah, there’s still a second Laura flying around

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Staff only at this time.