Infinite Flight Airline Allocation Charts (Website)

We are pleased to announce, that the Infinite Flight Aircraft Allocation Charts have now got their own website, it is still in completion. When the time comes, and the website is finished, you can then have realism into this sim…

Thanks to @JDE1303 for creating the website

Also, in the coming weeks I will be adding KLAX to the IFAAC. Anyway, we hope you use our service well and hope that it boosts your realism knowing where you park!


No problem captain dj would you like me to post a link for them to have a look at the website even though it’s not finished

Are you going to annotate Kilts charts with the airlines? I am happy to lend a hand if you need one.

@IceBlue it’s okay. You guys get the fun of using them! While I, create more. I have already got EGLL done, but it isn’t posted on the website. I can PM You if you want, so you can have it.