Infinite Flight Airline Allocation Chart Preview

Hello All,

I have been flying around SoCal the last two days, and looked at everyone. 747’s sitting in the AA Commuter gates and Singapore A380’s at Terminal 1?!?! This should not happen. The same occurred while I was at London, where I saw a BA A380 at Terminal 2!?!? I then thought to myself. I can change things, so now I give you the


The one below is for the Upcoming new “Heathrow” and don’t worry, I have given you credit @Kilt_McHaggis. So all you evil Doritos can now change into Cheetos. If you have any suggestions, PM Me and I can do a deal for you!

*There may be some errors.


I always check to see if the airline I want to fly flys there I also see where they park

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Could you make one of these for KLAX that would be awesome.

On my list…

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I have a challenge for you
Try and do all the major airports in all of the regions
Eg: London
and so on
Good luck if you accept the challenge

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Okay, but just remember I don’t have a lot of time as I have a paid job.

That’s fine I could help you out if you like

@Captain_DJ where will you house the info? If you keep it here on the Forum it may soon get lost with all of the other junk in here?

Not to be crude or anything, but I am better sticking with me doing it :)

You guys get to have the fun of testing it.

A website? I need help though.

Use weebly it’s free and a very good website creator

I have my website opened up as a wiki format. That way you can create a table under or above the image if that works?

I prefer having a separate website, to that… Not being judgemental, but I like things separated.

Of course. Makes sense. My site is a short term catalog of gates really as a method of airport cleanup

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