Infinite flight aircraft

Why do you need subscription to unlock all aircraft for single player?? infinite flight used to have option to buy aircraft package?? why was that removed? subscription is so expensive.

Sorry to be “that guy” but all designs are made in-house and that takes time, effort, and money. Lots of it. They’ve also upgraded aircraft so they have better quality, which means more of what I stated above.


Uh i mean if you want to buy each aircraft for a few dollars. With 60+ aircraft. Makes no sense. The subscription isn’t “Expensive” When you look at everything that’s done. As said by @Delta07 but there’s more then just aircraft that the cost goes into. The subscription cost, goes for the scenery, the multiplayer servers, and the rest of the servers and bandwidth cost and also the team have to pay themselves to support their families. which all said and done is nowhere near cheap. Why should IF stay stuck in the past? Instead of making changes and soaring into the future. The subscription is their business model. If you purchased aircraft previously, you can get them. Just check the #support FAQ.


Also to add on - the subscription (the year one) is actually cheaper than buying all the aircraft we have now individually - plus you get the global scenery, ATC, etc…so the subscription is actually better value.


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