Infinite Flight Aircraft Rework Spreadsheet

So I was bored, what is new, and recently I’ve became interested in gathering more information about the diversity of the Infinite Flight fleet of aircraft and when they were last updated (added, soft rework or full rework) while comparing each different class of aircraft.

The main two areas for me to compare are, one, when it was last updated, and two, whether or not it has a live cockpit. Live cockpits first came to Infinite Flight in 2018 with the A-10.

Here are the results in the form of a Google Sheet, I will try to keep it up to date. It is quite amazing just how big the Infinite Flight fleet is while still maintaining such high quality!


We could still argue about the A330‘s update status ;) but this is a great resource for a more fact-based discussion on rework priorities from our perspective.
Thanks for that @Trio!


I think the TBM isn’t quite GA but corporate instead; it’s pretty expensive and I think the majority of GA pilots don’t fly such an aircraft, although some do so maybe add it to both categories?

Thanks for the refresher and database of reworked planes though!

I was just checking to see how much they listen to the community, and they seem to have pretty good hearing. :P


Nice one, however I think doing it in a way like this would be better:

Aircraft last update category features…

I didn’t really care about the different feature additions, just when it was last touched per what it says in-app or when I know it was updated (i.e. A320 family getting live cockpits in 2019). I wasn’t THAT bored.

That’s an interesting one, hmm.

Good spreadsheet! Just that I thought the TBM 930 was last updated in 2019 with the release of 19.4.

The spreadsheet is really cool. How long did you spend making it?

You are correct, forgot about the 2019 of live instruments.

30 minutes I think.

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Dang I thought you were going to say like 3 hours.

There’s a note by the aircraft in-game that says when the aircraft was added/last updated. Shouldn’t take 3 hours regardless.

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Nice! Side note the VC-25 was with the 747 rework in 2014 not added in 2013…
Interesting that 2019 appeared to be the year of Airbus and GA and 2020 was the year of Boeing. So what will the Devs have next year 🤔

You are correct, fixed that.

GA? no speculation just a possibility

Possibly a regional year? E jets + CRJs rework? Again, no speculation, just a possibility.

Amazing to see how many loved aircraft remain to be untouched for almost a decade now 😆😢

Cool research

That’s definitely a more negative way to look at it, it’s a ton of aircraft compared to the competition.


Gonna bump this for the interesting vote in case you need some help deciding. :)

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