Infinite Flight Aircraft Information Spreadsheet

IF Aircraft Information Spreadsheet

Last Updated 09/11/20 4:10am UTC

With contributions from many IFC members, today is the day that my spreadsheet is released. Using information from @epaga, @Kuba_Jaroszczyk, @CaptainPlanet, @DeerCrusher, and @Xpira(full credits at the bottom). I have created a sheet that contains all the information you need for any specific aircraft. The sheet includes V1, V2, and VR speeds, Takeoff and Landing Profiles, MTOWs & MLWs, Runway Requirements, and more! The sheets can be found here for an online version:



More Info

Aircraft List


  • 318-100
  • 319-100
  • 320-200
  • 321-200
  • 330
  • 340-600
  • 350-900
  • 380-800


  • 717-200
  • 737
  • 747
  • 747-8
  • 757
  • 767
  • 777
  • 787

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

  • CRJ-200
  • CRJ-700
  • CRJ-900/1000

De Havilland Canada

  • Dash 8 Q400


  • 172
  • 208
  • Citation X


  • SR22


  • XCub


  • TBM-930

Information List

  • MTOW
  • MLW
  • V1 Speeds
  • V2 Speeds
  • VR Speeds
    Takeoff Profiles including…
  • N1 Settings
  • Throttle Settings
  • Flaps Settings
  • Trim Settings
    Landing Profiles including…
  • Runway Lengths
  • N1 Settings
  • Throttle Settings
  • Landing Speeds
  • Flaps Settings
  • Trim Settings
  • Flare Speeds
    Fuel Information
  • Fuel Burns
  • Max Flight Times
  • Minimum Cruise Speeds
  • Normal Cruise Speeds
  • Maximum Cruise Speeds
  • Service Ceiling

Change Log

08/15/20 5:00pm UTC
  • Initial Release
08/15/20 10:00pm UTC
  • Color coded the sheet tabs themselves
  • Minor structural changes
  • Removed offline version download due to inability to update frequently
09/07/20 10:00pm UTC
  • Fixed incorrect A320 family details
  • Fixed incorrect 737 details
  • Fixed incorrect 787 details
09/11/20 2:10am UTC
  • Updated formulas to help with the next update(KG version)
09/11/20 4:10am UTC
  • Added new KG version information sheet

Credits & Contributions

@epaga - V1/V2VR speeds, In-Flight Assistant
@Kuba_Jaroszczyk - All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles
@CaptainPlanet - List of Aircraft Runway Requirements
@DeerCrusher - Infinite Flight Fuel Burns(Estimates)
@Xpira - Updated Cruise Speeds
Wikipedia - List of airliners by maximum takeoff weight

Development Timelapse

© 2020, ChauhanSaiMC. All rights reserved.

This will help me so much

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Great job help me alot

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Now that is detailed - excellent job.

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This will be really handy for unfamiliar aircraft!
Extremely detailed 👌

Its enough to make a grown man cry

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Thank you!

Yes, I tried to make it as accurate as possible.

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I do not approve of this

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Sorry to hear that

Here is another link to view the Information Spreadsheet:

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Awesome! got me to cut down on some clutterous bookmarks. A question, is another spread sheet with the weights as KG existing or under work-in-progress? and is there an estimate to when the whole spreadsheet is complete

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i saved it in my google drive! really helpful thanks!


I haven’t started working on the next version, but that will add some Embraers. After that I can look into converting all the values to kg. You should be able to expect it sometime next month.

Great! Have fun flying


Very detailed, but there is some inaccurate information. I’m in a bit of a rush right now, so I’ll only focus on the A320 and 737 for now, but I’ll edit the post later.

The A320 and 737’s normal cruising speed is actually around .77 - .79. While airliners do fly outside of such ranges (for example, its not uncommon to see 787s flying up to .87), this is only done in specific circumstances, mainly during oceanic travel. As these guys rarely fly trans-oceanic routes, you’re going to be flying .77-.79 in either.

Another error is that Flaps 40 is only used on the 737 for steep approaches, because it creates a lot of drag, and makes the plane difficult to control. For regular approaches, use flaps 30 and an approach speed of around 150-155.

Also, aircraft use a variety of Flaps settings depending on runway length, altitude, and TOW. If you tried Flaps 5 at Orange County on a fully loaded 737, let’s just say you’re going to upset a lot of rich people when they notice a broken 737 in their backyard. In that scenario, they use Flaps 25. That setting is rare, but crews regularly use Flaps 10 or 15, and A320 pilots often use Flaps 2.

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Thank you for the corrections, they will be added into the next update. Please do continue to correct me as it will result in better information on the spreadsheet. Again though, I have initially started with information from various IFC posts so anything wrong should be also notified to them.

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Just finished the next update
Next update will be including the KG version of the sheet

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Another quick little update before the KG version release

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KG version of the information sheet is now available!

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Thancc’ :)

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Now this is an insanely useful spreadsheet. However, due to varying flap take off detents, such as in the B777 where I have noticed equal numbers of Flaps 5 and 15 take offs in my years flying, will this be accounted for?

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If information is incorrect, I’m happy to fix it! Could you please elaborate on the wrong information?

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