Infinite Flight Aircraft Checklist


First off, I’d like to point out that the old topic, Flight Checklists For IF aircraft, is very old and with permission of mods I am re creating this post.
Second off, I know that some of you will say “Oh there’s an app for that.” And indeed, there is.
But if someone would want to have a look at a checklist for IF Aircraft, they could just take a look at this instead of downloading an app.


-Appropriate amount of fuel and payload CHECKED
-Seatbelts sign, no smoking sign, NAV and Beacon lights ON
-Flight Plan SET


-Engine 2 ON
-Engine 1 ON


-ATC clearance RECEIVED
-Engines ON
-A/P Cruising Altitude SET
-A/P Vertical Speed SET
-Flaps SET
-Trim SET


-Strobe lights, Landing lights ON


-AutoThrottle ON


-Seatbelts sign and landing lights OFF


-Seatbelts sign and landing lights ON
-Flaps SET
-APPR ON (if necessary)
-Spoilers FLIGHT (optional)


-Flaps SET
-All lights ON
-Spoilers ARMED
-Speed BELOW 155kts


-Landing & Strobe lights OFF
-Spoilers OFF
-Flaps 0


-Engines OFF
-Beacon lights and no smoking lights ON, rest OFF
-Brakes ON


Why spoilers to flight on approach?


It’s not something that HAS to be done, this checklist is based on my way of flying, I use it to slow the plane down if I’m descending


I’d add an “(AS NEEDED)” to that line, as well - optimal approaches often don’t need spoilers.

I’d also plug @Jan’s flaps limits list, to be found here. Super helpful for knowing speed limits to be aiming for, depending on your aircraft.


Beacon lights are turned on before engine start and they are turned off after engine shutdown.

Nice list!

Don’t you use trim?


Sometimes I do… but 85% of time I don’t because I don’t really see any huge differences in flying, and If I use it, I usually just use 10%.


Which aircraft are you flying?


Right now you mean?


Trim really does matter.
It’s different for each aircraft. That’s why I was asking.


Okay, I guess I’ll add that.


I see airlines turn off seat belt signs at cruising altitude, so I’m confused.


Yes same here, but after looking at some other checklists, it says to turn off seatbelts at 10k ft


But what’s weirder is that I used IF Passengers and it said that seatbelts sign will be turned off shortly and I was at 6000ft


Different airline procedures. Usually it’s 10,000ft AGL, but some, especially in the US turn off at cruise altitude, and some in Europe turn off at transition altitude, which explains the 6k feet. :)


Just a minor change - Strobes should be turned on as you enter or cross an active runway and landing lights on when you receive take off clearance.


Again - airline and airport specific. The landing lights aren’t even mandatory in the FAR, but it’s mandatory for planes that are equipped as a part of a programme to aid Aircraft visibility on ground.

It’s a good rule to turn on landing lights when you enter the runway, like With strobe lights.


I’m not creating a crossing runway section because even the biggest aviation noob knows that.


Well it’s specific to every airline I’ve worked for…


It’s important to seperate what are concidered checklist items, and what are flow items in the plane. A checklist is just a list that you go through after you have done the actions you should, to Ensure that the critical aspects of the systems are set correctly.

@SpeedPlayz, you’ve done a good job. This is probably the most correct checklist I have seen here.
Just a tip, keep it consistent as to the timings. Like I said above, the checklist should be called after you should do the actions, and I see you’re switching a bit back and forth here. What I recommend is that the items in the checklist should correspond to the system states after the section they’re in.

That’s probably weirdly explained, but for example, for the pushback checklist should be done after you have done the items (gotten the clearance, and turned the engine on (if that’s what you want, usually they’re turned on during or after pushback)), and right before you actually start pushback, just to Ensure that you’ve remembered everything. That’s why it’s called a checklist.

But great work! Key is to generalize. Don’t be too spesific, because then it will be wrong in some situations. But IMHO you haven’t done that here. :D


From what I remember, not ALL aircraft start engines BEFORE pushback. Correct me if I’m wrong