Infinite Flight Aircraft Checklist [V2.5] [Free Download]


Many of you use the original universal checklist that was made some time ago prior to the release of APPR, however lots of you have requested an updated version to accustom various flight models. The last checklist was a success! Lots of awesome feedback leading to significant improvements which we have implemented into the new and updated Checklist V2.5

There are 3 distinct checklists now available, each is mounded to a specific set of aircraft available in-game. In order to get the right checklist, see below for the aircraft types and the checklist required. Therenwere some minor errors in the last checklist, and I have decided to fix them. ALL CREDIT GOES TO @Harry FOR MAKING THE CHECKLIST AND THIS DESCRIPTION. ALL I CHANGED WAS A FEW MORE ERRORS AND ADDED SOME MORE INFO. BE SURE TO VISIT HARRY’S POST AND GIVE IT A <3 Enjoy!

Here are the checklists:
Please be warned that there may be some more errors. Please PM me if you find any problem.

Once Again, don’t forget to visit @Harry and give a Thank You on what a great checklist he created… All credit goes to him, I only fixed a few erroes and hid some other stuffs. Thanks! Have a great day!

P.S. Thanks for all the likes and views, its highly appreciated!


And yes, I know that 2 of the checklists are not sized properly…just give me some rest and I fix it tommorow ;)


Are we allowed to print them for use with Infinite Flight? I don’t have a second device to look at them while flying.

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I have a question, I’ve read on here that since taxi lights don’t exist in IF that you use landing lights during taxi, and only turn on strobes when entering a runway (either to cross or to take-off).


Yeah of course you can!

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Reword that…Sorry I can’t understand what you just said, but you can do it if you think its right!

But what flaps setting we should keep while takeoff.

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Depends on the plane, and how long your runway is.

For A321 at singapore international

Flaps One or None :)

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And on small runways what flaps angle we should keep

Flaps 3 or 4

Ok Thnx and for landing we should always keep flaps full na

Well, once again, it depends on your speed and rate of decent…and the aircraft too.

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Hmm… Ok thnx

Flight controls are not tested before puscbak

I have a thought “if INFINITE FLIGHT has system that give information by the lights on the ground, like X-PLANE Mobile, it will be GREATER!”

How do you download it?

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Click the image. Then on the bottom click download

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