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Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service

"Bringing Virtual Flying One Step Closer to Realism"

Welcome to the official Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service Thread. Please feel free to check out our thread and let us know what you think down below.

Welcome to the official Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service thread. We are a Virtual Organisation who started our adventures back in 2016. We provide realistic and professional verbal air traffic control. We have just above 20 controllers and expanding every month. Controllers are trained by our Instructors, they are skilled controllers who know all the real world procedures for air traffic control. We work very hard in reaching ultimate realism. From realistic flight planning system to our advanced training program.

Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service provide its air traffic control services on Discord, a text and voice communication application for PC/Mac/iOS/Android. The controllers have been trained to their highest standards.

Joining Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service, you are guaranteed friendly customer service, new friends, a humble community with quite the number of members (but quality over quantity) and an overall great time.​

ATC not your taste? You can fly with Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service too! No training program is needed to fly but if you aren’t very skilled you can take part in our Communicating with Confidence class, keep reading to find out more about it!

Mission Statement


Here at Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service we provide the most professional air traffic control service, our controllers are training in real life standards and know every air law for every part of the world, we host events with our wonderful partners and weekly internal events, our controller applications are always open and we are always looking for new recruits to join the ranks as an Air Traffic Control Student (ATCS), to learn more about our training program please refer to the "Program" tab under our thread or website. At Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service we pride ourselves in realistic communications, our discord server is altered to fit our needs, we have detailed user manuals to help everyone, new and old, to learn air traffic control. A member of our staff team is almost always available to help you with anything you need from problems to finding out where to become a controller, just ask them and they will do their best to help you. On our voice channels we treat it as if we were on a real air traffic control frequency, we do not tolerate people having a casual conversation on frequency.
Staff Team


Here is our staff full staff team. At this current time we have no open positions to find out what each member does please refer to the "staff" section on our website President - Oscar M.

Vice President - George O.

Chief Instructor - John

Head of General Management - Brent

Foriegn Affairs Manager - Taj

Events Manager - Lucas D.


IFATS offers a comprehensive training service to our users, specifically, our controllers.
Our Training is detailed and choreographed to ensure that attention to detail and optimum retention of information is achieved by each individual.

Controller Training

Here at IFATS, Our Controller Ranking System is as follows:
  • ATCS Air Traffic Controller Student
  • FISO Flight Information Service Officer
  • ATCO Air Traffic Controller Officer
  • CPC Certified Professional Controller
  • ATCI Air Traffic Control Instructor
  • HATC Head of Air Traffic Control

Candidates will begin with the ATCS rank, where they will learn the foundations of Air Traffic Management working from the ground upwards.

Once a FISO, they will learn how upper airspace radar works and learn the fundamentals of radar vectoring and high altitude airspace operations.

Each rank has a series of endorsements and hour blocks that a student must complete in order to progress to the next rank available.

A controller is considered certified once he/she:

  • Has received all related endorsements from the previous ranks (FISO and ATCS)
  • Has completed the required hours associated with achieving the ATCO rank.
  • Has completed an Assessment of Previous Competence (APC)

ATCO’s will then have the option to continue training or stay as a general controller for

Pilot Training

IFATS also offers a Communicate With Confidence or CWC Course to users who struggle to master Radio Telephony and Air Traffic Procedures. The course is ran by the instructors and the participants can follow along the course using our detailed CWC Powerpoint Presentation as a guide. The course covers a range of subjects including but not limited to:
  • The Phonetic Alphabet
  • Basic Telephony Phrases
  • Frequency Operations and Communications
  • Flight Plan Formatting and Filing
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures

To learn more about our Training Program and career progression please refer to our discord server we exclusive content can be found. Link is available on our home page. If you wish to become a controller please fill out this form here: Thank you for your showing your interest but applications have now closed!


Below is a list of our partners, if you wish to partner your virtual airline or organization please send @AVIONICS a private message via the forums
Qantas Virtual
British Airways Virtual Airlines
Air Canada Virtual Airlines
Japan Airlines Virtual
Tailwinds Flying Club
Spectre Air Virtual
El Al Virtual Airlines

If you wish to join us please head to our website where a link to our discord server can be found! See you in the skies.

Useful Links:
image Website

image Instagram

image Twitter

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IFVARB Approved. Please note that IFATS is not connected to IFATC, IFTSATC or Flying Development Studios. All logos and pictures reserved to their rightful owners

Best of luck to this new group!

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Best of luck to this existing group

Amazing thread, hope to join you soon!


We’ve been around for the past year and a bit. Two years in June, this is just our new thread as the old one was outdated and we couldn’t edt it. Thanks though!


Nice thread guys! Good luck!

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Really cool thread!☺

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Thanks guys appreciate it!

Excellent Thread! Wish you guys the best of luck. Hope to see it take off!

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Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service

"Bringing Virtual Flying One Step Closer to Realism"

Introducing YouTube Livestreaming!

Hello everyone! Today Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service added a new promotional feature. We will be Livestreaming some of our ATC sessions on YouTube. We have gotten custom overlays and images to display on our stream. Our first public livestream will be held today (4/8/2018) at 1700Z. To watch it head over to this link: Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service - YouTube We hope to see as many of you there!


We’ve just gone live! Check it out here [VOCAL ATC] KDEN Session @IFATS - YouTube

Will it be on YouTube after?

I was listening in on YouTube and I have my volume maxed out but I still couldn’t understand them. I could understand a couple of pilots but I definitely couldn’t understand the controller. I would love to do this since I will be a pilot within the next 5 years. All I’m asking is to please speak up guys.

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I had a hard time hearing things even with my volume all the way up. I would fix that next time.

We understand there were some audio problems towards the beginning. 30 ish mins in it improved on my end. The audio will be improved next time around we are still learning. Thanks to those who watched tonight. We got a total of 108 views and 21 new subscribers. We will be sure to let you know when our next livestream is.


I’d also recommend getting a place where you won’t get interrupted by background noise a lot like a closed bedroom or a basement. I listened in briefly and was more focused on background noises then the actual stream. Just a tip.


That was the start of the stream, we had an audio issue for the first little while but it was fixed within a half hour. Sorry about that, we are still new to livestreaming and all those small issues will be resolved for next time round!

Great job! I have a quick question however. Are some of the controllers or instructors certified as actual on duty controller

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Our chief Instructor is a PPL holder here in Ireland. One of our other instructors is almost finished his training to become an air traffic controller in the USA and many of our pilots are PPL holders.

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So does IFATS have two divisions for FAA procedures and EU procedures? Or do you just use one main set of procedures all over the world?

Our controllers are trained in both FAA and EU procedures to apply them when needed. They dont learn both straight away due to the way our training program is set up but before they reach ATCO they’ll be after learning both.