Infinite Flight Air Show V2 @ KNXP - 292030ZDEC15 [CANCELLED]

Server - Free Flight Server

Region - Southern California

Airport - KNXP (Twentynine Palms Eaf)

Time - December 29th, 2015 - 8:30PM UTC

NOTAM - Stay in the KNXP airspace!!

Welcome to my second attempt at an IFAS, or Infinite Flight Air Show. This time I am being more organized, and I already have the time and date set up. There are some rules and restrictions, and those are listed below:


Planes that you can use:

All fighter aircraft
C-17 Globemaster III


  1. Don’t crash…please don’t crash

Please register below, so that I know who is coming and how long this is going to take. Once I have a good list, I will be posting a schedule, as well as instructions on display names and call signs.

Thank you in advance for registering!



8:30 UTC AM or PM?

8:30 AM UTC :) (filler)

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Ok I fixed the title for you:) Sounds like a fun event, however 0830Z is in the middle of the night for the USA and a lot of other western folk, you may want to move this to a more fitting time.

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The time is perfect for Asians… :)

I suppose. But most people in here are from the western world

Oops. I meant 8:30PM UTC…I will change it quickly

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Im going to participate

I think im coming i’m gonna Show what a 747-8 can Do and handle :D
Call sign 747-8special

Copy that, affirmative!
Call sign:
Aircraft: FA/18

@Rayan thats great, but what aircraft are you going to be?

Also, @Elijah_Jonas_Bieg and @JGK00 the call sign is gonna be something different that I assign…not being mean or anything just please take that out of your ‘registration’

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I’d like to take the A380 :D and what livery would you like me to take?

Are we going to be flying in a good formation?

Gonna make this one. @MacGamer04 count me in. What I’m doing TBA :-)

747-8 in Boeing’s livery

I’ll be there with a 747-800 Lufthansa livery!

I want to fly the a320 or the 777-300er

Max’s Sez… @MacGamer04… Just a suggestion my friend. Consider the Time Zones and schedule events so that they meet a reasonable compromise for East & West. Look at the FDS Friday night event and how there time is set up. There schedule compliments all regions. UTM (Zulu) times are stated utilizing the 24 hour clock. Down load a UTM Converter App it’s a must have utility. Use the 24 hour clock for all posts and comment on the Forum, The FDS Universe runs on Zulu.

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First, thanks for the tips :) but isn’t UTC and Zulu the same thing? Also, 8:30PM UTC is 1:30PM for me in Mountain Standard Time, so it works out well for Canada and the US…not to sure about Britain, but probably not.

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This is the current schedule. the ‘AS-X’ is your call sign. For example, @JGK00 call sign will be ‘AS-2’. which stands for Air Show 2. Also please set your display name on IF Live as your name on the IF Community.

I’ll go in the a-10.