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Strength In Unity

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Welcome to the Infinite Flight Air Force! We are offering pilots a little more than the ordinary boring Point A to B routes. Fly our state of the art 5th Generation F22 fighter aircraft or join our Air Transport fleet to provide aid & assistance to civilians across the globe, or transport passengers from all walks of life wherever and whenever the need arises.

We simulate a real world military organisation with a realistic rank structure. We are breaking new ground in how VAs operate by changing how we certify pilots on aircraft, how flights and missions are allocated and bringing a real community feel by encouraging formation flying during fighter patrols and combat missions.

A pair of C208's during a training flight on our old syllabus

Force Construct

We have 3 groups building the structure of our forces:-

No.1 Gp


1 Gp deals with all aspects of training and has centres based all across the world. Our Ab Initio package takes pilots through the basic principles of flight, flight planning and ground school. Here pilots will develop knowledge and skills as part of a small β€œsquadron”, with a class of 4-10 pilots going through together at the same time. Following our carefully planned syllabus, the pilots learn as part of a team, unaided by instructors unless there is a particular query. Post this phase our crews are sent to either the ME or FJ wings, our Multi-Engine training gets our pilots ready to fly our larger aircraft - beginning training in the Q-400 Dash-8. While our FJ crews learn how to fly the faster, β€œpointier” fast jets, starting in the dual seated F14 Tomcat.

No.2 Gp

No. 2 Gp

2 Gp is our fighter wing, encompassing components from frontline, ground attack and display airframes. A small number of airbases across the globe are home to these specialist units, however our display team is based at our HQ. From our legendary training group aircraft, the F14 Tomcat to our brand new F22 Raptors we conduct a wide variety of tasks, with our pilots able to cross train amongst all the airframes - our pilots gain a well rounded skill set. We currently own just 1 squadron of F22’s, numbering 18 aircraft, with a further 18 aircraft on order.

No.3 Gp

No. 3 Gp

3 Gp is made up of our Air Transport fleet, transporting essential supplies, passengers and equipment right across the globe. From our C130, to the B777-200F and now the MD11F - these aircraft transport airframes to airshows and conduct air drops to troops on the ground. Our passenger carrying fleet consists of the B737-700, B757-200 and B777-200LR. Our future fleet plan is being amended, and pending funding agreements we will be purchasing a number of B787 aircraft to accommodate our longer range routes and tasks.

The additional of Air to Air refuelling has seen 3Gp take on an additional role using one of our our most recently upgraded aircraft, the KDC10. Pilots require a special qualification to fly this aircraft for IFAF.

Our Fleet

The IFAF fleet is an ever evolving and adjusting machine, with aircraft recently β€œretired” to take on additional and secretive roles our training fleet has received an entire overhaul by giving our Officer Recruits turbojet aircraft right from the beginning and only getting bigger and faster from there.

Fleet Details


Fast Jet:
F/A-18 Super Hornet
F-14 Tomcat
F-16 Fighting Falcon
F-22 Raptor

Ground Attack:
A10 Warthog


Cessna Citation-X
F14 Tomcat

IFAFs regular routes, available for indulgence bookings.

An F14 Tomcat during a routine interception

Personnel Responsibilities

Our personnel are the core of our business, operating to the very best of their abilities through our training packages and excelling even further with our state of the art technology. Our Air Force has 4 core values that we abide by, these are where our rules are based and any violation has consequences ranging from 24 hour posting all the way to dismissal.


Respect - of those around you, of the protocols in place and of the IFC. Respect means you aid and assist any member of the IFC or our VA.

Integrity - means truthfulness. Being honest and truthful allows a full account of any situation, it means you will fly each and every mission to the very best of your ability and should an unfortunate event occur - give our support network all the information required to assist you both within IF, IFC and the real world.

Life - nothing is more important than your real life. Taking care of yourself means you will perform to a higher standard within IF. Family, friends and outdoor hobbies make you who you are and we aim to embrace that. So, if you can’t make a flight or mission - don’t sweat! Do it when you don’t have external engagements instead!

Excellence - achieving excellence is our aim, we want to be even better than your best and as a team we can reach the stars. Abiding by the first 3 core values will bring Excellence naturally, but never forget this can be achieved in a huge number of ways.

An F22 takes off during Operation Cold Horizon.

Ranks, Positions & Vacancies

Ranks, positions & vacancies

Each and every officer of Infinite Flight Air Force is an essential cog in our vast network.

Chief of the Air Staff
Air Chief Marshal

Chief of Staff
Air Marshal

Head of Events & Marketing
Air Vice Marshal

Head of Recruitment & Retention
Air Vice Marshal

Air Officer Commanding Frontline Operations
Air Commodore

Air Officer Commanding Station Support
Air Commodore

Colonel No. 1 Group
Head of 1 Gp, it’s operations and manpower.

Colonel No. 2 Group
Head of 2 Gp, it’s operations and manpower.

Colonel No. 3 Group
Head of 3 Gp, its operations and manpower.

Lieutenant Colonel x4
Group executive officers carry out secondary tasks while conducting a management role within their groups.

Secondary Tasks

Flight Logging Officer
What it says on the tin.

Media Communications Officer
You are in charge of managing our Instagram account and taking promotional videos and photos, the MCO is a member of the Station Support Wing and has a special lapel badge mounted to his/her uniform.

Our VO tailor issues and ammends all IFAF uniforms. This person is an essential cog in the background activities within IFAF.

Squadron Leader
Our squadron leaders are the heads of our 4 squadrons. These individuals manage at the lowest level, ensuring activity, event planning and flights are being logged.

The most senior and skilled members achieve this rank. Majors act as a squadron level executive officer and carry out tasks given to them by their Sqn commander. They will also act as the SqnLdr during periods of absence.

Flight Lieutenant
Now beginning to show serious promise, these pilots tend to be going places and will be monitored for comma d role potential

1st Lieutenant
More senior to the 2nd lieutenant, our 1Lt’s can lead individual sorties or missions.

2nd Lieutenant
Now able to fly frontline operations anywhere around the world, our pilots maintain on type currency to whatever aircraft they have qualified on every 4 weeks.

Pilot Officer
Our most junior pilots are able to fly peacetime missions and missions in direct support of frontline operations.

Officer Recruit
Not an official officer of IFAF, recruits are required to undertake on type training ready to move into frontline operations.

We have recently transitioned to Discord and all applicants are expected to download and access our server.


To join our ranks, please visit: and see how far you can go.

Features & Awards

IFN Spotlight (Dec 2017);

AeroSync - NEW YEAR, NEW GROUP | New Hub, New Routes ! | AeroSync


Love the ranks! Good luck to you!


Tried to keep it as international using a combo of Air forces from around the world! Glad you like them.

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Well I just applied! Can’t wait!


Very happy to have you on board. Welcome to the team!

Discord move Complete

I am pleased to announce that IFAF has completed it’s move to Discord. This has seen an increase in activity with several flights and missions being flown.


Our winter operation is a go, using all of our resources and all of our personnel expertise. Our 3 phase Operation assisting refugees in Northern Syria* is commencing. Logistic movements prepping the area for our arrival has begun ahead of humanitarian airlifts right across the nation.

Think you have what it takes to be a part of something bigger?

    • fictional event.

This does look really good! Considering in joining.

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This VA looks very promising I’m considering joining soon!

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This could have some serious competition with the GAF.!


I think I would be a great Marshal… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ


REAL WORLD AAR TTPs now being executed!

Using real world knowledge and experience, IFAF are now training to real world Tactics, Techniques & Procedures.

Want to know more?

Welcome to the Big League.


It is with great pleasure that IFAF can announce its first partnership. Partnerships come in different and varying styles while remaining inside the normal and expected practices. This one, is one that has taken weeks of negotiating, several discussions and can now finally be released to the IFC. IFAF & AeroSync have begun a new, unique and rewarding partnership by using our AAR and Cargo Fleets as one, fulfilling each other’s responsibilities, sharing ground support equipment and parking bays during airshow season and providing united training across both organisations.

Here is to a long and prosperous friendship.

The future is Aerosync&IFAF


IFAF Weekly Update

Chief of Staff’s Foreword.

This week has been immensely positive for IFAF. Having grown exponentially and rapidly over the last couple of weeks, we have established ourselves with a complete staff team, new specialisation and we continue to see our Officer Recruits graduate from Ab Initio at a steady rate.

During the week we saw the DC10/MD11 release, which has seen us drop the aging and outdated C17 from our fleet until it receives it’s much needed update, and replaced it with 8 MD11F (Generic Livery). We have also added 6 KDC10 (NAF Livery) to our fleet with the option for further purchases.

Our major news of the week, comes with great news that we have managed to finalise negotiations and establish our very first and only partnership. Centralizing on airborne refuelling at the moment, the agreement sees IFAF & AeroSync combining parts of our forces and utilizing them as one.

Air Chief Marshal
Infinite Flight Air Force


This week in numbers:

Missions Flown: 34
Totalling (Approx Hours): 25.30
Fast Jet Missions: 10
MultiEngine Missions: 14
Training Missions: 10
Applications Received: 6
Successful Enrolements: 5
Promotions: 2



This week, IFAF has pencilled plans for Operation COLD HORIZON. This sees the whole force working in 3 phases to support refugees and war casualties during the cold winter months in Northern Syria.


Upcoming Events:

A training day is being planned in cooperation with our Partners at AeroSync, to check progress within our Joint Refuling Force.




Join at

More information on the Original Post at the top of this thread and also on the website.


Be sure to keep a look out at TS1 for our IFAF callsigns, all flying is now restricted there to show our presence!

Want to join us?

We were also the Spotlight VO this week with IFN! See the article and interview here;

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IFAF to participate in Red Flag

I am pleased to announce IFAF & AeroSync will be teaming up to have joint forces throughout Red Flag coming January 2018!

Expect to see plenty of training flights and activity from these two great VOs!


IFAF take another step towards the Real World!!

Here at IFAF we constantly strive for realism both on and off the IFC. From implementing real life AAR Procedures we have taken a whole new step, which has NEVER before been seen or done within the VA/VO world. The first people to offer this opportunity, something for you to really track progress and have something to keep - even after your time with us!

Can I please introduce to you the very first, virtual uniform.

please click for full image
Here you see the top half of our uniform of our Air Chief Marshal. With several decorations, which you could earn also!!

Along with this, we have opened our Stores & Services which include a supply squadron and also tailors shop! Meaning when you arrive and promote, you pick up your new uniform or when you earn an honour that includes a ribbon? You visit the Tailors!

This has taken a long time to prepare and implement, but I think it’s a great step forward for us and brings a sense of belonging and competition to earn ribbons and promote to make your uniform even better!


IFAF Weekly Update

Chief of Staff’s Foreword.

Another immense week for IFAF with yet another leap forward and another major announcement. We have just opened our Stores and Services wing where we will be the first organisation to issue it’s members with an immersive Virtual Uniform. The concept is simple, as our crews rank up through the system, as they earn awards and participate in our operations around the world, it’ll become like a scrapbook for the guys to remember their achievements with IFAF.


This week in numbers:

Missions Flown: 36
Totalling (Approx Hours): 64
Fast Jet Missions: 17
MultiEngine Missions: 6
Training Missions: 13
Applications Received: 5
Successful Enrolements: 4
Promotions: 5


With Operation Cold Horizon in full flow our forces are committed within the mediteranean in the fight to provide assistance to refugees and war wounded stranded across Northern Syria. Come and see our crews flying important aid and reconnaissance missions out of our Cypriot Airbase daily.


Upcoming Events:

A training day is being planned in cooperation with our Partners at AeroSync, to check progress within our Joint Refuling Force.



Join at

More information on the Original Post at the top of this thread and also on the website.



Several promotions mean we have several openings available. Apply now!

We are looking for talented individuals to join our team, graphics skills preferable but not necessary to enter our new Stores & Supply Squadron where our forces are supported. Doing this, you are also able to fly as part of our forces across our entire fleet and enjoy fast track promotion opportunities.

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Hi i was wondering how I apply @Mags885


You can also just PM me here bud πŸ‘

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