Infinite Flight Air Force | Strength in Unity | Recruiting Commanders & Pilots Now!

We have relaxed our rules with regards to the militarization factor, however we still respect the rank structure and traditions. It’s much more of a community rather than a force - we use the air force side to create scenarios and conduct missions to support real world events.

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Ok. How active must you be? I’m a fairly busy person.

Not spectacularly active, we are more interested in your input within our discord and VO.

The training package is really short and can be shortened even further dependent on your skill level so you wouldn’t even have that effect you much.

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Ok. Where can apply to join and how many members do you currently have?

Careers link at the top of the thread, currently at around 27 members. 28 once we welcome you aboard haha

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Applied yesterday. Can you confirm you got my application?

Apologies, your application has been processed! We look forward to welcoming you into the family!

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Welcome to the IFAF. I’m only a recuit going through training stages myself about halfway through but you’ll love it and the buzz is good.

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IFAF OPEN Second Partnership!

The infinite flight air force has agreed a new deal with the ATCEG. The deal pertains several clauses and contracts to ensure both parties receive positive experiences and allow assistance for ATCEG training and IFAF events.

ATCEG is a group if ATC enthusiasts putting their skills to the test as part of a regulated community outside of IFATC. These individuals will be giving support to IFAF events and learning new techniques when it comes to military aviation.

IFAF looks forward to working alongside a professional community and taking this relationship forward.

Want to find out more? Visit their thread here: ATCEG - Providing ATC Events For The Community - #20 by Trio

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IFAF Provides assistance to the US

The Infinite Flight Air Force has committed itself to providing aid and assistance in partnership with the USCG and members of the IFC.

A damaged submarine has leaked radioactive materials that will effect 4.5 million residents in the Massachusetts area. 3 C130J aircraft have been scrambled into the area to work alongside United States Coast Guard Personnel, with a further 6 airframes ready to deploy when the need arises over the 24 hours.

To see the Operations progress and discover the units involved visit the event thread, here

Want to fly the C130J under and IFAF Callsign? Join Today


IFAF Update 18th Feb 18

CAS Foreword:

We have committed to helping out the USCG with the nuclear fallout disaster in the Massachusetts area. Our teams have been working around the clock with every hand at the pump.

Outside of flying, IFAF has announced VIAT 2018 - it’s annual headline event which sees the IFC community come together for a 4 day period every year to raise awareness of the VAs and VOs in all their uniqueness to recruit those who have otherwise flown solo within our virtual world.

The week in numbers:

  • Flights Logged: 25
  • Multi engine: 16
  • Fast jet: 4
  • Training sorties: 5
  • Total flying hours: 36
  • Applications received: 3
  • Successful: 2
  • Pending: 1
  • Promotions: 1

This week's Headlines:

**VIAT - coming to you this Easter!** The Virtual International Air Tattoo will come to you his Easter holiday. With a fully immersive discord server dedicated to the stalls you would see at real world air shows. Experience Voice ATC, listen to the radio communications, visit booths to enquire at your favourite VA and join the VA who impresses you most.

IFAFs Event Calendar:

Olympic Closing FlyPast - Planning IFAF VIAT - Air Show - 30th March 2018 IFAF Virtual Flag - Planning


IFAF are recruiting pilots to join our ranks as both heavy and fast jet opportunities remain open. Daily challenges to our crews are seeing demand rise and the number of sorties flown increase. Want to get involved and find some meaning to Infinite Flight?

Join the First military Air Force IFVARB recognised.

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We are still taking bookings for VIAT.

Get your VA involved, even if you don’t have an Air display- have a recruitment stall instead!

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Here at IFAF we are constantly striving to improve and advance the VO.

It would be hugely appreciated if you could complete an anonymous feedback form to have your say on the original Air Force of Infinite Flight. Send in your ideas from more events to less aircraft, better ranking to different airbases, you can literally feed in any idea you think would make our organisation more appetizing for you!

IFAF has introduced a new layover system.

Meaning our pilots now transport cargo, troops, fly patrols and conduct other types of flights between our airbases with the option to layover at ANY airport on the way. So if you’d like to fly EGUL-KPIE in the ERJ175, you can with multiple legs being an option!

Recruiting skilled, dedicated and honest pilots to fly our fleet of aircraft.

Join today.

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Command & Executive Positions Now Open!

Due to a reshuffle of personnel and internal structure, we are now pleased to come to the IFC to recruit senior pilots who are looking for something different than your civilian management position. Military Commanders go above and beyond the expected - leading from the front.

Positions Available

- **Officer Commanding 1 Squadron** - this officer is responsible for the training output of new recruits, maintaining a constant feed of proficient pilots to our front line squadron. The design and adaptation of the training syllabus is a key duty of this senior Officer.

-Executive Officer 1 Squadron - the executive officer fulfils the orders from OC1, he/she will manage the pilots beneath him/her.

  • Officer Commanding 2 Squadron - this officer is the overall commander of the United States component of IFAF answering only to the command board.

  • Executive Officer 2 Squadron - the executive officer fulfils the orders from OC2, he/she will manage the pilots beneath him/her.

  • Officer Commanding 3 Squadron - this officer is the overall commander of the United States component of IFAF answering only to the command board.

  • Executive Officer 3 Squadron - the executive officer fulfils the orders from OC3, he/she will manage the pilots beneath him/her.

**Want to Apply now?**

Our recruitment officer is awaiting your application at:

To apply please send your IFC Name, Grade and a brief pen picture. We will then contact you if you are shortlisted for interview.

Welcome to the Future, Welcome to the Infinite Flight Air Force - Strength in Unity.

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See above for Career Opportunities!

THIS week IFAF has been undergoing major internal restructurisation. With 3 members of the command board in the state of New York, rumours have begun to spread across the organisation.

Several changes have already been implemented with the group’s being rebranded as squadrons and merged into timezone specific groups of pilots. Opportunities for Command role positions opened up as we requested all of our current leaders to reapply for their positions.

2 Squadron remains in the Korean Peninsula as our only deployed squadron. We arrived for the Olympic games, providing reassurance and security to the international community. From there we have maintained our presence at Iruma AB in Japan, daily patrols and intelligence sweeps have been executed along the Korean border with little to report at this time.

3 Squadron has returned to it’s home airfield of Lakenheath, UK. The airframes have received the required maintenance as the squadron prepares for their next deployment. Rumour control has been in effect however word is that the squadron will be deploying in cooperation with other military groups in the Middle East & Africa. More to come.

1 Squadron still has half a dozen trainee pilots, these Officer Recruits are undergoing stringent training prior to undertaking their assessment flights. From Palm Springs, these pilots will report for duty at either St Petersburg Clearwater, the home of 2 Squadron or RAF Lakenheath, the home of 3 Squadron and step into frontline operations immediately.

Think you have what it takes to join this group of professional aviators?

Come and have a go.



IFAF has suspended its operation, temporarily closing down to build, improve and attempt a come back in the future.

Unfortunately due to a lack of interest from IFC members, unreliable and unpredictable recruits along with the increase in VA numbers spreading the pilots even thinner across the board our operations are no longer sustainable with current numbers.

Apologies to those who wished to join in the future.

Strength in Unity.


Was about to come back to you guys @Mags885

Any idea how long until you are back?

Working on it, the background structure needs some tweaking along with several components revitalizing and updating.

The server is still open while all this takes place, however recruitment is closed.

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