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Strength In Unity

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Welcome to the Infinite Flight Air Force! We are offering pilots a little more than the ordinary boring Point A to B routes. Fly our state of the art 5th Generation F22 fighter aircraft or join our Air Transport fleet to provide aid & assistance to civilians across the globe, or transport passengers from all walks of life wherever and whenever the need arises. With a varying collection of operating bases our pilots truly fly right across the globe supporting our IF community.

We simulate a real world military organisation with a realistic rank structure and promotion criteria you won’t experience a VO like IFAF.

A pair of 5th Generation F22 aircrsft conducting safe guarding operations.

Force Construct

We have 3 Squadrons and our Support Wing building the structure of our forces:-

1 Squadron

1 Sqn

1 Sqn deals with all aspects of training and has centres based all across the world. Our Ab Initio package takes pilots through the basic principles of flight, flight planning and ground school. Here pilots will develop knowledge and skills as part of a small “squadron”, with a class of 4-10 pilots going through together at the same time. Following our carefully planned syllabus, the pilots learn as part of a team, unaided by instructors unless there is a particular query. Post this phase our crews are sent to either the ME or FJ advanced training, our Multi-Engine training gets our pilots ready to fly our larger aircraft - beginning training in the C130H. While our FJ crews learn how to fly the faster, “pointier” fast jets, starting in the dual seated F14 Tomcat.

2 Squadron

2 Sqn

2 Gp is our US wing encompassing components from frontline, ground attack and display airframes. A small number of airbases across the globe are home to these specialist units, however our display team is based at our HQ in the UK. From our legendary training group aircraft, the F14 Tomcat to our brand new F22 Raptors we conduct a wide variety of tasks, with our pilots able to cross train amongst all the airframes - our pilots gain a well rounded skill set. Our Squadrons contain a mix of our entire fleet to provide complete air superiority wherever they deploy.

[details=“No.3 Squadron”]
3 Sqn

3 Sqn is IFAF European arm based out of Lakenheath Airbase in the UK. This squadron is currently not deployed however it is on work up to deploy imminently.
Currently flying our daily routes to ensure IFAF maintains its structure and integrity outside if the operational airspace.[/details]

Station Support Wing

The newest wing within IFAF comes after our discord was remodelled to simulate an operating air force station. These personnel are patented by a flying group and perform additional roles such as uniform tailoring, intelligence briefing and personnel support.

Our Fleet

The IFAF fleet is an ever evolving and adjusting machine, with aircraft recently “retired” to take on additional and secretive roles our training fleet has received an entire overhaul by giving our Officer Recruits turbojet aircraft right from the beginning and only getting bigger and faster from there.

Fleet Details


Citation-X (Generic)
C130H (RNAF)
F14 Tomcat

Fast Jet

Ground Attack
F18 - SEAD

ERJ175 (Generic)
B737-700 (Generic or USAF)
B787-900 (Generic)
B777-300ER (Generic)

VIP Transport (Cmd Brd Only)
Citation-X (Generic)
A318 (ACJ2)

DC10 (Generic)
B747-8 (Boeing Freight)

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance
C208 (Iraqi Army Livery)
Dash-8 (Generic)

Our worldwide airbases cover the globe with more yet to be added upon preliminary airfield assessments.

We allow you to fly between these airfields utilising several legs. Meaning you can tailor your route to suit your availability, want to fly transatlantic over 4 legs? Feel free.

IFAFs regular routes, available for indulgence bookings.

An F14 Tomcat during a routine interception

Personnel Responsibilities

Our personnel are the core of our business, operating to the very best of their abilities through our training packages and excelling even further with our state of the art technology. Our Air Force has 4 core values that we abide by, these are where our rules are based and any violation has consequences ranging from 24 hour posting all the way to dismissal.

What is RILE?

Respect - of those around you, of the protocols in place and of the IFC. Respect means you aid and assist any member of the IFC or our VA.

Integrity - means truthfulness. Being honest and truthful allows a full account of any situation, it means you will fly each and every mission to the very best of your ability and should an unfortunate event occur - give our support network all the information required to assist you both within IF, IFC and the real world.

Life - nothing is more important than your real life. Taking care of yourself means you will perform to a higher standard within IF. Family, friends and outdoor hobbies make you who you are and we aim to embrace that. So, if you can’t make a flight or mission - don’t sweat! Do it when you don’t have external engagements instead!

Excellence - achieving excellence is our aim, we want to be even better than your best and as a team we can reach the stars. Abiding by the first 3 core values will bring Excellence naturally, but never forget this can be achieved in a huge number of ways.

One of our brand new B737-800 Reconnaissance aircraft on departure in South Korea providing security and reassurance to the international community.


Executive Officer positions are open across a number of our groups.

Station Support Wing has vacancies for skilled personnel in Tailoring and Intelligence.

We operate within our HQ in discord. It has been carefully designed to resemble a military airbase.

You have to visit different rooms, areas and personalities to take care of your day to day business such as visiting the tailors for your uniform or briefing rooms prior to a flight.


To join our ranks, please visit: and see how far you can go.

Credit: 1Lt USAF

Features & Awards

IFN Spotlight (Dec 2017); - link ineffective due to IFN issues.

AeroSync - NEW YEAR, NEW GROUP | New Hub, New Routes ! | AeroSync

ATCEG - ATCEG - Providing ATC Events For The Community - #20 by Trio


IFAF, Where have you been!?

IFAF has undergone some updates and modifications to bring us back to where this VO should be.

We have introduced new promotion criteria so you can promote to a certain level based on your logged hours. This happens in real world militaries around the world, however they use time served Vs flying hours.

Our Rebranding is the most obvious change, gone is the old greyscale globe, in is a new corporate and more recognisable logo that brings IFAF bang up to date showing our flexibility and willingness to adapt with the times.

Our fleet has undergone major modifications, moving aircraft around to operate in different roles and giving you, our potential recruit the chance to fly turbojet aircraft right from the offset;

We have introduced an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance fleet built of 3 while aircraft, extended our passenger fleet to include the 777-300 and the 787-9, replacing our ages 777-200’s. Our training fleet now includes the Citation-X, F14 Tomcat and C130H.

Internally, our discord is now a military air base with a variety of section and activities. Missions are allocated daily, operations executed inline with real world events and scheduled passenger and cargo routes flown daily.

IFAF isn’t just an Air Force, it’s a family - and we want you to be a part of it.


IFAF Update

CAS Foreword:

This week has seen IFAF relaunch with new branding, promotion requirements and a newer and expanded fleet.

We opened the Winter Olympic games with a fly past of the actual stadium location along with some IFC members which turned out to be a fun, challenging and fun event. We are excited to announce 2 new applications from that event, who will receive a bonus 2 hours towards their next rank!

The week in numbers:

  • Flights Logged: 26
  • Multi engine: 18
  • Fast jet: 8
  • Training sorties: 0
  • Total flying hours: 65
  • Applications received: 2
  • Successful: 0
  • Pending: 2
  • Promotions: 2

This week's Headlines:

Olympics Opened

A group of IFAF aircraft led the way as the Infinite Flight community came together to open the games.

New Branding

IFAF has received a makeover with several changes still to come. Including training packages, MATC and daily challenges to get our crews airborne and active every day of the week!

IFAFs Event Calendar:

Olympic Closing FlyPast - Planning IFAF VIAT - Air Show - Planning IFAF Virtual Flag - Planning


IFAF are recruiting pilots to join our ranks as both heavy and fast jet opportunities remain open. Daily challenges to our crews are seeing demand rise and the number of sorties flown increase. Want to get involved and find some meaning to Infinite Flight?

Join the First military Air Force IFVARB recognised.



Do you guys do aerobatics/formation flights?

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Yes to both bud, acrobatic flights are v limited however we are looking to make it more mainstream within the VO.


Ok. I might consider joining. Not a big Air Force person, but would like doing formations.

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We have relaxed our rules with regards to the militarization factor, however we still respect the rank structure and traditions. It’s much more of a community rather than a force - we use the air force side to create scenarios and conduct missions to support real world events.

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Ok. How active must you be? I’m a fairly busy person.

Not spectacularly active, we are more interested in your input within our discord and VO.

The training package is really short and can be shortened even further dependent on your skill level so you wouldn’t even have that effect you much.

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Ok. Where can apply to join and how many members do you currently have?

Careers link at the top of the thread, currently at around 27 members. 28 once we welcome you aboard haha

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Applied yesterday. Can you confirm you got my application?

Apologies, your application has been processed! We look forward to welcoming you into the family!

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Welcome to the IFAF. I’m only a recuit going through training stages myself about halfway through but you’ll love it and the buzz is good.

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IFAF OPEN Second Partnership!

The infinite flight air force has agreed a new deal with the ATCEG. The deal pertains several clauses and contracts to ensure both parties receive positive experiences and allow assistance for ATCEG training and IFAF events.

ATCEG is a group if ATC enthusiasts putting their skills to the test as part of a regulated community outside of IFATC. These individuals will be giving support to IFAF events and learning new techniques when it comes to military aviation.

IFAF looks forward to working alongside a professional community and taking this relationship forward.

Want to find out more? Visit their thread here: ATCEG - Providing ATC Events For The Community - #20 by Trio

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IFAF Provides assistance to the US

The Infinite Flight Air Force has committed itself to providing aid and assistance in partnership with the USCG and members of the IFC.

A damaged submarine has leaked radioactive materials that will effect 4.5 million residents in the Massachusetts area. 3 C130J aircraft have been scrambled into the area to work alongside United States Coast Guard Personnel, with a further 6 airframes ready to deploy when the need arises over the 24 hours.

To see the Operations progress and discover the units involved visit the event thread, here

Want to fly the C130J under and IFAF Callsign? Join Today


IFAF Update 18th Feb 18

CAS Foreword:

We have committed to helping out the USCG with the nuclear fallout disaster in the Massachusetts area. Our teams have been working around the clock with every hand at the pump.

Outside of flying, IFAF has announced VIAT 2018 - it’s annual headline event which sees the IFC community come together for a 4 day period every year to raise awareness of the VAs and VOs in all their uniqueness to recruit those who have otherwise flown solo within our virtual world.

The week in numbers:

  • Flights Logged: 25
  • Multi engine: 16
  • Fast jet: 4
  • Training sorties: 5
  • Total flying hours: 36
  • Applications received: 3
  • Successful: 2
  • Pending: 1
  • Promotions: 1

This week's Headlines:

**VIAT - coming to you this Easter!** The Virtual International Air Tattoo will come to you his Easter holiday. With a fully immersive discord server dedicated to the stalls you would see at real world air shows. Experience Voice ATC, listen to the radio communications, visit booths to enquire at your favourite VA and join the VA who impresses you most.

IFAFs Event Calendar:

Olympic Closing FlyPast - Planning IFAF VIAT - Air Show - 30th March 2018 IFAF Virtual Flag - Planning


IFAF are recruiting pilots to join our ranks as both heavy and fast jet opportunities remain open. Daily challenges to our crews are seeing demand rise and the number of sorties flown increase. Want to get involved and find some meaning to Infinite Flight?

Join the First military Air Force IFVARB recognised.

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We are still taking bookings for VIAT.

Get your VA involved, even if you don’t have an Air display- have a recruitment stall instead!

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Here at IFAF we are constantly striving to improve and advance the VO.

It would be hugely appreciated if you could complete an anonymous feedback form to have your say on the original Air Force of Infinite Flight. Send in your ideas from more events to less aircraft, better ranking to different airbases, you can literally feed in any idea you think would make our organisation more appetizing for you!

IFAF has introduced a new layover system.

Meaning our pilots now transport cargo, troops, fly patrols and conduct other types of flights between our airbases with the option to layover at ANY airport on the way. So if you’d like to fly EGUL-KPIE in the ERJ175, you can with multiple legs being an option!

Recruiting skilled, dedicated and honest pilots to fly our fleet of aircraft.

Join today.

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