Infinite Flight after Family Time

Hi there IFC!

I recently had my device taken away for Infinite Flight I don’t know why apparently something about the game taking my time when I’m landing

My question is Is their a way to like save a place when landing

The other day, I went somewhere and I was on 10 minute till landing and can’t land in public. So is their a way to pause the landing ?

Unfortunately you can’t pause an online game, unless you’re in solo.

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Right now there isn’t, but maybe someone should make it so you can build holds into your flight plan. Otherwise I’d say just pack extra fuel just in case you need to do something like that

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When I’m doing flights, I like to put small waypoints in place so that if I miss a landing, I’m circling the airport instead of going miles away

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If you’re flying on live on you exit the game (press home button on iOS), it will pause your plane there and you will disappear from the server. Just be careful when coming back and do not do this with ATC present.

Also true, just be careful because you run the risk of the app crashing based on your device. I have an iPad Air 2 and this tends to happen depending on the length of the flight

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iPhone XR 64g

I use a 6S and I’ve exited the game in this fashion for up to an hour and had it come back fine, I’ve also had it crash after exiting for 10 minutes. If you have no other option then you may as well try, but as others have said you can fly circles as well.

After like thirty seconds the app will crash

If you do this for more than a couple minutes it will kick you out of the server and you won’t be able to reconnect to it.

I feel your pain. I once flew HOU-CUN. As I was at 200 feet, the doorbell rang. My grandma told me to get the door.
I won’t continue the story, it wasn’t pretty

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Um, this might be a different kind of answer so I’m putting it inside the box, you may skip it if you don’t wanna read it as I’m giving a hint in the title :D

Play Responsibly

This is a problem for me too, BUT, it’s actually nobody’s fault but my own.

You see, I do not set a special time to play IF, I’d do it anytime I wanted to.
And you can guess, during landings… I’ve ignored several people straight out, even people asking for directions or help. Except when my feisty girlfriend starts talking to my face - that flight will just have to meet its fate in 1/1000th second lol but that’s a different case.

I know for real how annoyed your parents could’ve been during your landings, because I more than often find myself in your situation - during active hours (where other humans still needs us) be it at work or at home - and I’ve gotten into trouble because of it. There’s no way you could pause or save progress during multiplayer.

My suggestion is to manage your time better and find that special IF time - preferably when you’re done with social activities during the course of the day or through agreement, have people around you know that you’ve set a me time for the flight to make them understand and respect your dedication in return.

Just thought I’d say somethin’, cheers! :)

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No, it depends on luck. I have had times when I can be out of the game for 2hrs and still reconnect and others where I accidentally tab away for 10 seconds and end up disconnecting.

I was flying OMDB to KLAX and. took off at 6 and was set to land at 11am the next morning. I went somewhere the next morning.

I usually pretend to go to the bathroom close to final and land in there

If you’re in public, use your hotspot. If you’re in a restaurant, it might not be possible, but if you’re at a playground or something, take your iPad and land in public. I even landed in Walmart once (family wasn’t there though)

I’ll do almost anything to finish my flight.

Rule number one though: if your family is having a good time making memories or something, don’t substitute that for IF, as cool as it is.

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Yea I can redo my KLAX to OMDB anytime haha

I was at Home Depot lmaoo

Ask if you can stay in the car or go and grab something or something, lol

Do you have a phone and an iPad (or tablet of some sort) that you have IF on both?

If you’re away from your device, can’t land, and you don’t want to crash with 305839 vios, you can start a flight on your phone and it’ll disconnect your iPad from Live. You’ll crash, but you won’t crash with vios.

I don’t own an iPad, I only own an iPhone XR