Infinite Flight Advanced Server Flight

did a new flight today with monarch airlines from lax to san diego in the advanced server. comment below if you see yourself in the video and what time into the flight :) hope you enjoy


A incredible thing happened I think that’s the first time I’ve ever been caught on video XD, sorry I don’t know how to tag my self. :P

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haha dont worry you replied so i know you was in there now lol where abouts in the flight was you?

I was in a Cessna Caravan in the first part while you panning around the map just north of San Diego

very cool :) keep a look out for me if you see me drop in and tag me in a comment :)

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I was flying recently there and I’m not sure when you videoed. I was Frontier 508 and I flew out of KLAX! I’m almost positive i am somewhere in there since some of the calls being received over ATC are familiar. To bad I didn’t see myself lol

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erm i was flying there yesterday afternoon so if you was flying around that time im sure you are in there somewhere :)

i record my videos with airshou screen recorder. what device are you using?

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