Infinite Flight Advanced Controller Platform - v1.0.5


Infinite Flight Advanced Controller Platform

By Crcoli737

Hello, all!

Today I am introducing version 1 of my new Web Application for Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controllers. This application is a fast and easy-to-use application that allows controllers to see all active frequencies, and all aircraft within a 10 mile radius of the open frequencies. Without being spawned in and actively controlling. I hope that this new web application will help my fellow air traffic controllers.

Without further or do, let’s see some screenshots.

There you have it!

Here’s the link :

Here are some thing that I hope to add in the future:

  1. Maps that show each waypoint along the route of the flight.
  2. Make it look more appealing, such as redoing fonts and colors.
  3. Adding an authentication system that allows controllers to add notes onto flight strips for easier communication with other controllers across different frequencies.

Thanks everyone!
Hope you all find this useful.


Oh my gawd, I’ve been wanting something like this for ages! Thank you @Crcoli737!


You’re welcome!

I did it for the well-being of all of the controllers. 😆

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Oh wow, this is really cool, but what server is it?


Thanks! It’s the expert server.

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Okay thanks


This looks amazing man can’t wait for those extra features,

I just have a suggestion for ya when you get this point:
Maybe make it to a single airport for the frequencies to make it easier. EX: Instead of like KJFK Gnd KJFK Twr KJFK ATIS (like it is now) maybe just KJFK and have a drop-down menu or open to a new window(then in there have all open freq) so it’s easier to get to the airport we’re working.


Yeah. That’s more of a problem with the Infinite Flight live api. However I can work a way to remove duplicate frequencies and just combine them into one strip. I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks for your feedback!


Update 1.0.1

  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Fixed the problem where opening Center frequencies would cause an Internal Server Error.
  • Removed last reported date/time field (for privacy purposes), may be re-added later once controller authentication is added.
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Thank you so much😍


No problem! Thanks for your feedback!


Update 1.0.2

  • Fixed some performance bugs
  • Added some backend code for future controller authentication.
  • Added backend user information code for controller authentication.
  • Added some backend code for map plotting.

Hey pal, I like your idea. I think it’s useful. If you don’t mind, I did a quick mockup for you to demonstrate how it could look in future. I reduced the clickflow by one instance using a dropdown menu. More difficult to build but better for your user to navigate. I did use a mobile view as most of your users gonna use a phone instead of a tablet. So, resolution is limited. What do you think?


Wow - this is pretty great. Nice and convenient. Would be cool it if had a thread of "previous’ operators with time stamps for referring back to events and violations/reports.

Thanks for doing this!



I think that’s really cool! I’ll definitely keep a design like that in mind.


Yeah, that looks so much easier for people to find who’s on the station and where. And it looks great.


You’re welcome. If you need the color codes and assets I can provide em for your purposes. Feel free to reach out to me.


Yeah feel free to dm me the Hex codes and I’ll do some experimenting.

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Though this would be very cool, it would be impossible to do such a thing without a custom Infinite Flight API as the Live API does not send report reasons, or really any report data except a users last report.

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You can use these values. You can also use any tool to slice the icon and arrows. Resolution is optimized for retina displays.