Infinite Flight Ads

Hey There IFC!

  • As the topic clearly states, I’d like to bring about the concept of advertising!

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but, I don’t recall ever coming across IF ads. The closest thing I’ve seen to a promotion was the trailer released on YouTube.


  • Ads are pretty self explanatory, but this simulator obviously has the capability of reaching a higher level of recognition.
  • The original trailer, being released a while ago…doesn’t really display the current/accurate features of this game. Making people less interested in the old graphics as opposed to the newly updated graphics.
  • More people using this sim would overall increase the enjoyment of flying/controlling. (Of course because of the increased amount of traffic)
  • IF would be easier to come across rather than people doing deep research in hopes of coming across a decent simulator.

If I can recall correctly, i ONLY came across IF after reading some reviews on another sim I had been using at the time. It mentioned something about IF being a far more realistic/better sim. Which like anybody would do, I went and gave it a go!


  • it goes without saying that running ads obviously costs money/time…of course making this feature a bit far fetched.
  • It not expected any time soon as the devs have more important things to prioritize.

Thanks for taking the time to read my request. Once again, I know this isn’t a realistic goal as of right now. But I thought it was an interesting feature to throw out there! Let me know what you think about it!

Thanks again😀👍


Hey there!
If I’m not mistaken, #features is only for features in-game. While your idea could work well, I’m sorry that this isn’t the right category for it. I’ll look around and see if I can find somewhere better to put it.

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Ya It took me a little while trying to figure out where to put this. Please let me know what category to move it in as soon as you can! Thanks😀👍

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I’ve moved it into #general as I’m not sure where else it would fit. Best of luck with this!

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Thanks for the fix, appreciate it! And thanks, I hope this gets noticed!😀

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Making an ad is tough. Displaying the ad and making it public is tougher. One has to find good sites and pay good money in order to get their ads featured and shown.

My question is: Would the developers actually try to make an ad and pay good money to have it shown in public like on YouTube, Google, or TV?

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id like it to be on youtube

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Ya, it’s without a doubt a difficult task. Which is why it’s a bit far fetched at the moment. However, if the devs consider displaying an ad on any sites/games…etc…it would provide huge benefits towards the sim in the long run!

I see the main argument that’s been used is the fact that it costs money. But isn’t it just an investment…? Like lots of companies selling a product if they have the possibility to advertise they’ll do it since then they’ll get more customers. In the long therm it’s beneficial. And to come back to IF, global cost them a lot of money, so I guess they would have a good bit that they could invest. As in it’s not a too small company no…?

Just as long as they can get it out of the racing category first on the App Store! XD

YouTube would a nice start I suppose, but ads on YouTube are often based off your reccomened videos. I’m sure more complications may come with trying to display it as it’s own ad (if that makes sense)

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I definitely would hate it. Not long ago we reached 50000 users here on IF. Adding on to that Infinite flight was one of the top apps on the AppStore (number 1 on the action genre if I’m not wrong). But it will be hard to bring about because besides YouTube where else would you advertise it? I for one usually skip ads the moment I get on YouTube and never look back, but if brought on a variety of platforms it would definitely work. Also I don’t think this needs be a feature request as it does not pertain to the game mechanics, so I’d say General is fine.

Ya that’s exactly what I mean, it’s may cause a bit of a hold with any major projects…but like you said, in the long run it would only help them (financially).

One problem I can see is: Not many people in the world are AvGeeks, which explains why we are lacking pilots. Also, Infinite Flight is not as realistic as those PC simulators sorry Infinite Flight (I’m still a proud-paying customer) and the AvGeeks that strive for realism would rather have sims like X-Plane 11 downloaded on their computers and fly.

I talked to a few people who knew a bit about airplanes and they told me that they would rather get a PC simulator because they don’t want to do it on mobile as it’s not as realistic (not enough controls, APU, 3D, etc).

Now I understand that right now, it is an impossibility to have all those realistic features with mobile and that is pretty much the reason why people prefer PC to mobile.

I’m not sure what exactly which side your taking xD. If I’m correct, your saying it would hurt the company? And yea, “general” seems most suitable for this topic.

What I’m trying to say is that it would definitely help the community, in terms of numbers and whatnot, but without a strategic plan of action, I can’t really say the extent to which it will succeed. I’m all for it though, I can brag to my buddies who think I’ve got nothing better to do 😂

I totally understand what you’re saying. But as far as those avgeeks who don’t necessarily have access to the more realistic sims, IF provides a nice mobile sim! It’s not TOO expensive, and is far cheaper than those other sims that require a variety of add-ons to make it as realistic as one hopes.

it will be (more realaistic) someday

Oh gotcha! Ya of course a huge marketing inventment like this would require careful coordination and planning! If approached correctly/sufficiently, I feel it would GREATLY help IF! It would just be nice to see an even bigger community with many different ideas to share!

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Undoubtedly that’s the case, but it’s time that’s a huge factor. Eventually every game would be 10x better than it was like 5 years ago. However, if you want to maintain a steady income for the company…it’s all about the race against other (sims in this case). If you lack to improve your game, and fall behind other games…your only hurting yourself as you’ll lose clients.