Infinite flight addons

What is the best infinite flight add On?

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There’s quite a few out there, but one of the most popular is IF-A. See here;

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So like would you recommend it or it is popular

There are many add-ons that could be considered “good” in your opinion.

One I find very useful is Infinite Flight Assistant.

It gives you stuff like V1, passenger announcements, RAAS, VNAV (automatically changing altitude), etc.

Another one I find useful is IF PAX. This gives you passenger announcements and a pilot score at the end based on passenger satisfaction. Check them out below.

A third one I like to use Infinite Flight Checklists. This app gives you detailed checklists of what you need to do to prepare your flight for a certain stage (pre-start, pushback, taxi, takeoff, landing, etc). It prevents you from forgetting a step during your flight that you might regret later.

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Ok thanks appreciate

Live flight

Appreciate the answer is it avail on App Store

Live Flight is not an Infinite Flight Add-On. It is simply a third party app connected to Infinite Flight. It is a flight tracker for Infinite Flight but it doesn’t connect to IF to give you more advantages during your flight.

@Albatross_Prince, Live Flight is available on the App Store. I think you just have to search up “LiveFlight Horizon.”

Yes it is. Also IF assistant

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I’ll download it

@BigBert10 are there any problems it has like freezes when i do something

Just so you know, Live Flight is not an add-on for IF as it does not apply to your flight and give you more advantages during your flight. All it does is that it tracks all the online flights occurring per server.

Tbh, it does freeze from time to time but it is mainly because of the high server overload (from my knowledge) as at a given time, there could be a lot of planes on Live and it would take a while for LiveFlight to show all of those flights. As you move around the map, it would freeze from time to time but not too much to the point where it becomes frustrating.

But trust me, LiveFlight is an amazing app, especially if you have Horizon

IFA (Infinite Flight Assistant), i dont use it that much but sometimes i do :) ;) <3 <3

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On the iOS app, it should be much better since the last update, but will keep working to improve :) the web version will get some attention at some point soon


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