Infinite Flight Add ons

I have purchased IF-Assistant & Instruments and am wondering if there are any other third party add ons that will make my exoeriance even better that I may have missed?


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Its not quite an Add-On but is really good for flight planning.

Also IF Passengers. For more details on that visit


There are plenty of great third party apps to improve your experience, they’ve been helpfully combined into one place for you here. Go check them out! Third party projects for IF | Database


Sweet! I did not see that thank you!

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Slight self-promotion here, but I recently released a big update for my app, IF Checklists. You should give it a try! :)


Definitely ok to self promote in a third party category (I’m asking for it). I have had your app and use it with everyflight, it is amazing by the way, @Adrien.


My planning consist of the following things. Since my start airport is set to where my last flight ended, I will:

  1. Go online to flight aware, check the departures for whatever airport I landed last at. I will use the real airline, flight number, and sometimes I’ll use the gates as well if I wanna go hardcore.

  2. SIM BRIEF is a site I will say is a must have. The basics is you can add the airline, flight number, arrival and departure airport, and the aircraft you’re flying.

Once your data points are input, this is my favorite for realism. You can generate an OFP (Optimal Flight Plan) which is a replica of an actual flight plan with all kinds of data.

But the main points I use are my runways, alternate airport runway listed as well, fuel, and those necessities.

Now if you wanna be as realistic as possible, you can take your waypoints and vors and with the map, you’re given the waypoint along with your Flight level (ex FL010 which is 10k feet) and airspeed (Given as N0xxx).

  1. Someone mentioned the FPLTOIF site which is a must using simbrief. Without getting technical, you take your simbrief route and FPLTOIF will add your waypoints in a flight plan that aren’t listed in Infinite flight. Simbrief may list a waypoint or vor that you won’t find easily or at all searching in game.

I’m subscribing to Infinite Passengers today. You get more free options upon downloading and I’d rather pay $2.49 a month than buy IF Assistant and them have to buy basically all the bells and whistles as in app purchases.

Hope this helps.

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