Infinite Flight add-on apps

Good afternoon IFC. today, I’ve been searching on the App Store for some interesting and useful apps that I can use for Infinite flight and aviation itself.
Here are some apps I already have: FlightLog, Liveflight, FlightRadar24, and Windy. These are all very useful apps such as: Logbooks, flight trackers, and weather indicators.

I’m wondering if there’s any more apps that I can download to make my Infinite flight experience better. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Free Apps Please!
Thanks, and have a great day.

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IF Checklists is great


Just downloaded it! Looks great!


Any more requested apps?

I use VirtualHub to plan flights and the TOD, as well as the Step Climbing Altitudes. Everything is free. I started using it about 5 months ago.

Search for IFAssistant or IFOperations in your App Store. you need to pay for IFassitant though. Both give you a really good flight experience during your flight. With IFoperations you can make a report of your flight very easily.

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Too bad you don’t have android! Then you could get Infinite Flight Crew where you get boarding and safety audio!

But I highly recommend buying IF Assistant!

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I would buy IF passengers. You get different safety briefings for different airlines and can make it kind of like an airline tycoon.

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