Infinite Flight Acronyms

Within Infinite Flight there are many different fan groups, virtual airlines and the community which uses acronyms to be shorten down their names. This can be confusing to remember what each acronym stands for. I thought we could use this wiki to describe each acronym with its full name and a short description.

Please feel welcome to add any acronyms that you know of, especially VA’s (virtual airlines) because there are so many that it is confusing to know what each one stands for when you see them on Live. If you are going to add another acronym then please follow the style of the others. Thanks!

Infinite Flight Acronyms

  • AC: Air Canada (Virtual)
  • BAVA: British Airways Virtual Airlines
  • HWS: Haggis Wings VA
  • IF: Infinite Flight
  • IFAO: Infinite Flight Airline Organization (Virtual airline)
  • IFATC: Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control (tag used by Advanced Server controllers)
  • IFEP: Infinite Flight Elite Pilots
  • IFFG: Infinite Flight Fan Group
  • IFWP: Infinite Flight World Pilots
  • IFO: Infinite Flight Olympics
  • IFOC: Infinite Flight Olympic Committee
  • IFEF: Infinite Flight European Fans
  • IFES: Infinite Flight Escort Services
  • LF: LiveFlight, those awesome companion apps made by @Cameron
  • IP: Infinite Pilots
  • TSK: TravelSky Virtual Airlines, founded by @grxninesix
  • ICG: International Cargo Group (Virtual airline)
  • SVA: Saudia Virtual Airlines
  • DLVA: Delta Virtual Airline
  • IFAE: Infinite Flight Aviation Experts
  • IFFI : Infinite Flight Fan Indonesia (Fan Group)
  • IFHK: Infinite Flight Hong Kong (Fan Group)
  • IFSAG: Infinite Flight Southeast Asia Group (Fan group)
  • IFBR: Infinite Flight Brazil (Fan group)
  • IFK: Infinite Flight Korea (Fan group)
  • IFID: Infinite Flight Italian Division
  • IFG: Infinite Flight Greenland (Fan group)
  • IFA: Infinite Flight Antarctica (Fan group)
  • IFGAVA: Infinite Flight Garuda Indonesia Virtual
  • IFSA: Infinite Flight Spotters Association
  • SWVA: Southwest Virtual Airlines, founded by @Avery_Mitchell

Others words:

ES: Expert Server
FF : Free Flight
FNF: Friday Night Flight
PG: ATC Playground
TS : Training Server


Thanks for the reference.

Just to be clear, does this include user owned VA’s? (Example: United Virtual)

Yes that’s fine, any acronym used in IF can be added so we can understand what each one stands for

@carmalonso I knew I’d forgotten that obvious description, thanks for adding it😂

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I’m the only that use IFEF i create a group in facebook for EU IF fans but still empty,who want to join feel free to do it…

@CJ12 why did you delete the IFOC?

It wasn’t me, anyone can edit this (or if it was me it was unintentional), re add it if you’d like

Oh, it said it was you. But whatever 🤗

Apologies, my bad if it was me

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Don’t worry about it

How can we add SVA Saudi Arabian airlines

I’ve added it for you :)

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Thanks a lot bro 😽

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DVA: Delta Virtual Airlines.

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what about IFAE- infinite flight aviation experts? :)


Sorry, that is our old website, redirect here

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There’s a lot actually. Some of the most common tags

IFHK-Infinite Flight Hong Kong
IFSAG: Infinite Flight Southeast Asia Group
IFBR: Infinite Flight Barzil
IFK: Infinite Flight Korea

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All added, if there are any links to any websites / topics that these groups have then feel free to PM them to me and I will link them in :)

No need. It’s a wiki, we can all edit it. :)